Joe Rocket Science Helmet Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | June 20, 2008
The Joe Rocket Rocket Science Helmet has a snug  sport  riding fit and an aerodynamic design . It s comfy  vents well  and has crazy eye-popping graphics.
The Joe Rocket Rocket Science Helmet has a snug ‘sport’ riding fit and an aerodynamic design . It’s comfy, vents well, and has crazy eye-popping graphics.

Motorcycling gear and apparel might not be rocket science, but the compounds manufacturers use in constructing motorcycle helmet’s shells and the wind tunnel testing of aerodynamic designs is definitely space age stuff. Throw into the mix stringent safety standards and inspections by Snell and DOT to contend with and maybe having a rocket scientist on your R&D team isn’t such a bad idea. With its fiberglass Spectra composite weave shell and FIM race-ready standards, the Joe Rocket Rocket Science Helmet dips into this well of high technology.

The shape of the shell is designed with sportbike riding in mind. The top isn’t perfectly round, but instead has two channels formed in the top that connect the front vents with the back vents. The front of the helmet is angular, coming to a point at the RAM air chin bar vent, while the back of the helmet is set oblong. Its aerodynamic styling has been wind tunnel-tested and excessive head buffeting has never been a factor during testing.

The Rocket Science Helmet features a Quad-Port Venturi System. This translates to two intake vents in the front and two exit vents in the back. The front air vents are easy to open, even with gloved fingers. With both vents open a good flow of air enters a little above mid forehead and circulates down the front of your face. In the mornings it helps defog the visor. Open up the RAM air chin bar vent and it will clear up even faster. The Rocket Science Helmet also has a removable breath deflector that helps divert air flow if you’re riding with the shield open.

The helmet offers a snug sport fit but applies a bit of pressure right in the middle of my forehead. For my head shape, it’s tight but tolerable. The chinstrap has a moisture-wicking liner that’s comfortable and unnoticeable once the strap is buckled. The end of the strap has a snap that’s easy to close.

The cheek pads are plump, cushy and squeeze me high on my cheekbones. The pads and helmet liner snap in and out easily. The interior system will take some of that sweat off your brow and eventually gets a little funky after a few rides under the summer sun, but luckily all the padding is washable.

The hard coated visor is 95% UV resistant. Dark enough to cut down glare without sacrificing visibility. Clarity is good and the visor hole is large enough to provide an unobstructed view of the roadway. After switching out the faceshield quite a few times, it doesn’t quite seal as flush as it once did as I can hear a little air whistling in. On the positive side, I do like that it locks into place.

You can switch out from a dark to clear visor quickly. Open it up, a quick push on the release, and it pops right off. Lining up the two grooves to get it back in is a little trickier, but after doing it once or twice it becomes second nature. No tools are necessary to swap visors out.

The wrap-around neck roll helps cut down ambient noise, but its effectiveness is about middle-of-the-road. It weighs in about average as well, not too heavy but not one of the lightest lids either.

OK  we admit that it s not a sportbike  but the Rocket Science Helmet looks just as good while riding a factory custom motorcycle.
OK, we admit that it’s not a sportbike, but the Rocket Science Helmet looks just as good while riding a factory custom motorcycle.

Though taste in graphics and design is arbitrary, I love the bold look of the Rocket Science Helmet. The diabolical glare of the ‘Mad Scientist’ reminds me of the big-headed evil scientist that chased Bugs Bunny around in my favorite childhood cartoons. Round Joe Rocket badges, dollar signs and mud flap-style hotties dot the top of the helmet, seemingly random but cool. Streaks of red clawed on top of the matte finish also add pizzaz.

The Joe Rocket Rocket Science Helmet is a combination of solid construction, sweet graphics, and excellent ventilation in a comfortable fit. For a company that hasn’t been in the helmet making game as long as many of its competitors, the Rocket Science Helmet is a sound purchase at $242.99.

Product: Joe Rocket Rocket Science Helmet
MSRP: *$242.99 – $247.99

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