Shift Racing Fuel Street Shoe Review

Bart Madson | June 18, 2008
Relaxed comfort combines with rider protection in the new Shift Racing Fuel Street Shoes  which look good both on the bike and off.
Relaxed comfort combines with rider protection in the new Shift Racing Fuel Street Shoes, which look good both on the bike and off.

Everyone loves a good pair of sneakers, and all motorcyclists love a good pair of riding boots. Now, thanks to Shift Racing, riders can get both with the Fuel Street Shoe.

Featuring a split grain natural and synthetic leather structure, the Fuel Street Shoe is comfortable, feeling closer to a sneaker than boot. Shift saw fit to equip our office with test pairs and all of us have been enjoying the blend of casual comfort with practical riding protection.

Styling for the Shift shoes resembles a cross between your middle school Air Jordans and wrestling shoes, while rubber shifter guards and a Velcro lace cover give away its motorcycle-specific design. At first they seemed a little bit Marvin the Martian in appearance, but they grew on us and have been sighted regularly around the office, whether we’re heading out for a ride or not.

A breathable, moisture-wicking interior provides ample comfort without sacrificing stability, as the over-ankle support is solid, with padding and a plastic guard for impact and abrasion resistance. Crash protection obviously isn’t the same as a high-end road racing boot, but these aren’t the footwear you take to a trackday anyway. Admitting that, the shoes held up during a recent unintentional MCUSA off-road excursion.

“These shoes may have saved my bacon,” says our Cruiser Editor Bryan Harley, who got pitched off during a recent test ride. “I might have broken my ankle otherwise. The padding and plastic reinforcement in the supportive uppers took the brunt of the force from my recent crash.”

Highs & Lows
  • Good Ankle Support
  • Comfortable fit
  • Squeaky
  • Sketchers look isn’t for everyone

Aside from its popularity in our office, the Fuel Street Shoe has been well represented at all the recent industry

gatherings we’ve attended. Feedback from our fellow editors has been uniform praise, albeit squeaky praise, as everyone mentions the persistant squeak from the synthetic material in the tongue and interior uppers rubbing together.

Ah well, we moto-journalists are ornery cusses paid to pick nits. For casual commuting and weekend playrides, the Fuel Street Shoe definitely delivers.

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Shift Racing Fuel Street Shoe
MSRP: $99.95


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