Kevin Windham Bio

July 6, 2008
Kevin Windham
Kevin Windham has amassed 18 years in the pro ranks and is still showing a competitive edge.

Having more than 18 years of professional racing under his belt provides a definite advantage to Kevin Windham. After his 125cc Western SX Championship back in 1996, K-Dub has yet to find his name at the top of the season point standings. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t come close, however. Riding against the likes of Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed and James Stewart has given plenty reasons for Windham to keep finding ways to go faster. Having managed his career very well, Windham is a top-level racer who has one of the largest fan followings. Over the wide span of his professional racing history, Windham has spent time on all four Japanese brands. Honda has been his steed of choice though since 2003.

With his wife, Dottie, and three kids running around, Kevin is definitely a family man, and he’s always made a point to shape his career in accordance with those responsibilities. He resides in Mississippi where he loves spending time with his children, Anabelle, Madeline and Kevin.

In 2010, at 32 years-old, Windham put in an outstanding performance in Supercross to finish second in the series. K-Dub had several notable rounds in which he took victories, including back-to-back wins at Seattle and Salt Lake. Although Windham hadn’t raced the MX circuit since 2007, the Honda rider filled-in for an injured Davi Millsaps in the final half of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship. Windham did Millsaps proud, finishing 14th in the series and picking up a win along the way at Steel City. 

In 2011 during one of the most contested season of Supercross ever, Windham posted top-six finishes at seven different rounds – including a runner-up result in Seattle. After earning seventh overall in the SX Championship, Windham moved outdoors for the first

Kevin Windham warms up during Media Day at Angels Stadium in Sothern California.
K-Dub had an outstanding ’10 season in which he was runner-up in the SX series and 14th overall in MX.
Hondas Kevin Windham had another solid performance in St. Louis to finish just outside the top-five.

seven rounds of the series to cover for the injured Trey Canard at Honda. During his return to Motocross Windham secured five fourth-place finishes, allowing him to finish ninth in the championship despite missing the last five rounds of the series. 

Windham completed 12 rounds of the 2012 Supercross season, earning two trips to the podium in third-place, but suffered a big crash during qualifying in Houston that took him out for the rest of the year. He dislocated his shoulder and fractured his wrist on top of injuring his hip and thumb. He had originally planned to contest the 2012 Motocross Nationals, but was unable due to his injury.

Windham is expected to return with Geico Honda for the 2013 SX season. 
Kevin Windham Specs:
Birth Date: February 28, 1978
Birthplace: Baton Rouge, LA
Residence: Centreville, MS
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 190 lbs
Turned Pro: 1994
National Number: 14

Career Results:
10th (SX)
2011: 7th (SX), 9th (MX)
2010: 2nd (SX), 14th (MX)
2009: 5th (SX)
2008: 2nd (SX)
2007: 4th (SX), 5th (MX)
2006: 14th (SX), 2nd (MX)
2005: 3rd (SX), 2nd (250 MX)
2004: 2nd (SX), 3rd (250 MX)
2003: 2nd (250 MX)
2002: 18th (SX)
2001: 4th (SX), 2nd (250 MX)
2000: 4th (SX), 3rd (250 MX)
1999: 7th (SX), 2nd (250 MX)
1998: 4th (SX), 8th (250 MX)
1997: 18th (SX), 2nd (125 MX)
1996: 1st (WSX), 19th (SX), 2nd (125 MX)
1995: 5th (ESX), 16th (250 MX)
1994: 19th (125 MX)