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Adam Waheed | August 15, 2008
Tired of wires and traditional headphones cramping your style  Give Oakley s Split THUMP a try... You won t be dissapointed.
Tired of wires and traditional headphones cramping your style? Give Oakley’s Split THUMP a try… You won’t be dissapointed.

Car keys, cell phone, iPod, sunglasses; without a doubt, the multitude of accessories within the modern man’s arsenal can be both a convenience and a curse at the same time. Fortunately, Oakley, the leader in High Definition Optics has managed to help simplify your life by stuffing a MP3 player into a fashionable set of sunglasses. Say hello to the all-new Split THUMP wearable MP3 player.

That’s right, jams built right into your favorite pair of sunglasses. Visually the Split THUMP’s resemble the Hijinx model in Oakley’s Square O lineup. Detachable ear buds extend out of the bottom of either polished frame rail. Each ear bud has three pivot points, which allow the speakers to comfortably fit any head size. And when you don’t feel like rocking out the ear buds can be removed allowing the user to look “normal.”

Three memory capacities are available: 512MB, 1GB or 2GB. We tested the 1GB model which retail for $299. The 1GB storage capacity gives you the ability to store roughly 200 songs in MP3 format. The THUMP’s perform just like a flash memory drive, so music is super easy to import via a mini-USB port located on the bottom of the right frame rail. No special software is required and it’s both PC and Apple compatible.

We used ours on a Windows based machine and songs can be transferred via drag and drop functionality. And unlike the cumbersome iTunes/iPod system, the Split THUMP’s read M4A, MP3, WMA, WMA with DRM 9.0, and WAV file formats – which means sharing music is easy. Even data regardless of its file extension can be stored and retrieved on any computer.

Selecting your song and adjusting the volume is as easy as a touch of button. Integrated controls are built into the O logo on either side. The left O logo controls the volume. Tap the front part of the O to crank up the volume, tap on the opposite end to turn volume down. Fast Forward/Next Track is selected by taping the front right-side O logo. Play/Pause functionality can be selected by pressing the black button inside the logo and Rewind/Previous Track is controlled on the back part of the O.

Repsol Honda s Nick Hayden blasts some rap tunes courtesy of his Oakley Split THUMP eyewear before the start of the MotoGP race.
Repsol Honda’s Nick Hayden blasts some rap tunes courtesy of his Oakley Split THUMP eyewear before the start of the MotoGP race.

An internal battery provides about six hours of uninterrupted use and quickly recharges via the solo mini-USB port. Battery status can be monitored via a small flashing LED light inside the frame rail. The electronics are sweat-resistant which make them perfect for any outdoor activity. In fact, I use the Split THUMP’s everywhere. Whether I’m out riding, in the gym, at the grocery store or on the airplane – I’m that guy with his head bobbing banging the air drum sticks.

The lenses are constructed out of pure Plutonite which completely filters out all UVA, UVB and UVC rays. And, like all other Oakley glasses, lens construction exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards for eye protection. Check out the video and see how they ensure that the glasses meet these standards.

Similar to other Oakley’s I’ve owned, optical clarity is superb and my eyes never get fatigued when worn. Sound quality from the speakers is superb. I’ve purchased a $50 set of headphones that didn’t sound as clear. Build quality is also first rate and the added weight of the onboard electronics is minute and almost unnoticeable when worn. One downside is that the shades only come in one-size and for my head (small/medium helmet) they are big and have a tendency to slide off my face unless I have the ear buds inserted within both ears.

Overall, I really dig the THUMP’s and wouldn’t be caught anywhere without them. If you’re a music buff looking for a way to free up some pocket space. Oakley’s got your eyes and ears covered.

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