Honda V-Four Concept Unveiled

October 7, 2008
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Honda surprises with an unexpected V-Four concept superbike at INTERMOT Cologne bike show.
Honda surprises with an unexpected V-Four concept superbike at INTERMOT Cologne bike show.

“New Beginnings” was the theme of the Honda press conference at the INTERMOT Cologne bike show. And Big Red left a tantalizing clue about one possible new beginning when it pulled the curtain back to reveal a V-Four Concept bike.
The obvious work in progress is a far from finished design, but Honda seems very keen on its new V-Four project, making a point of saying this is a bike it wants to build. No hard details, however, were given about the sleek-looking futuristic prototype except that it would house a V-Four. During the entire half-hour Honda presentation, the Japanese marque kept pushing its V-Four past and future.

Check out the accompanying gallery for a closer look at the wild concept and come up with your own conclusion about what Honda has up its sleeve.

Elaborating on the “New Beginnings” theme, Shigeru Takagi, President of Honda Motor Europe, discussed Honda’s 50 years and Mr. Honda’s dream of TT racing success. Stressing that success in the Isle of Man TT in Europe was key to Honda’s rise as a global powerhouse, as a fledgling company it had to take on the world’s best. Takagi then said of Europe, “This is where our new beginning must start.”

The Honda executive stated three challenges his company must face: meeting mobility on a global scale in Asia and Latin America, motorcycle safety and reducing environmental impact.

In the safety department Takagi mentioned the development of ABS, which is now integrated on the 2009 version of the CBR600RR, also unveiled at INTERMOT. Honda was also the first to production with a workable airbag system found on the Gold Wing. Honda then went on to promise future safety development, including a new motorcycle-to-car communication system.

Along with it supersport-first ABS, the CBR600RR is also promised to have improved torque between 8000-10,000 rpm. Other models featured at INTERMOT are the lighter, fuel-injected CRF450R and the Euro-only CBR125 entry-level standard.

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