2009 Ridley Motorbikes First Look

November 7, 2008
Courtesy of Ridley Motorcycles
Ridley W Twin W800
Taking styling cues from the early 1900’s, these Ridley Motorbikes harness some two-stroke juice.

Motorcycle USA doesn’t normally feature anything two-wheeled that comes with pedals, but we had to make an exception for the latest “motorbikes” from Ridley Motorcycles. Known for its production of CVT-equipped, fully-automatic cruisers, Ridley offers these vintage bikes powered by small two-stroke powerplants. All EPA compliant, the 49cc and 70cc 2-strokes power up to a respective 24 and 33 mph, with an extremely efficient 120 mpg claim. In production right now, the bicycle and engine kits are sold separately – $1440 for bike, with engines ringing in at $559 and shipping $175. For more info check out www.RidleyMotorcycle.com  – Ed

The first ever Ridley Motorbikes were formally introduced in an unveiling today in the company’s hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The model line features vintage style motorbike kits that bring back the fun, ease, and vintage styling of the early 1900’s. One by one the new models were introduced by Clay Ridley. In all, Ridley introduced five models including a limited production model marking the company’s new line of vintage motorized bicycles, the Desert Patrol MP.

Ridley 1903 W800
The claimed 120mpg efficiency ain’t half bad. And if you do run out of gas, you can always pedal your lazy butt home.

The styling and overall feel of the new vintage motorbike line is a throw back to the original motorcycle. Ridley’s 1903 model features a gloss black with gold pin stripe scheme and white tires. The Twin model pays tribute to the British models of the early 20th century with its hunter green and black glossy paint, white wall tires, and “GBR 750” decorative plates. With a look straight out of WWI- the MP is “OD” green with luggage racks on the front and rear fenders. The Boardwalk model features a custom stark white and hunter green paint scheme with “Huntington Beach” decals, white wall tires, and springer style front end.

Ridley will be offering two engine kit options. The model 48 kit includes a 49cc- two stroke engine that is capable of speeds around 24 mph. For those a little more daring, the model 49 kit includes a 70cc- two stroke engine that is capable of speeds around 33 mph. Both motors are EPA compliant and offer an estimate 120 mile per gallon efficiency.

“This is an idea we have been contemplating for several years” commented Jay Ridley, Vice President of Ridley Motorcycle. “As a novelty- this is the ultimate toy. The motorbikes have a real vintage look that will leave people scratching their heads.” Ridley began R&D on the project earlier this year with production starting November 1st.

Ridley MP Green W800
So what if the top speed is 33 mph… It beats walking to work!

Interest in the project has garnered World-wide attention with orders already booked for customers in several countries including Australia, Germany, England, Belgium, and the UAE. “Our next challenge is setting up the retailer network to handle the demand” said Don Cox the company’s head of Dealer Development. “We will be offering the motorbikes to our current Ridley dealer network first and filling in the gaps where necessary.”

Bicycles and engines are sold separately. Bicycle kit MSRP $1,440.00. Model 48 Engine kit MSRP $559.00. Model 49 Engine kit MSRP $559.00. Shipping in the lower 48 states $175.00.

Ridley Automatic Motorcycles are most notably known as the manufacturer of high quality American made fully-automatic motorcycles. Ridley’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) allows the rider to cruise without manual shifting or clutching.

For more information on Ridley Motorcycle Company visit www.RidleyMotorcycle.com.

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