D&D Performance Offers BOSS Slip-Ons

November 20, 2008
Courtesy of Biker Pros
More Power & Economy for 2009 Baggers – A D&D and Zipper’s Package

D D Performance Exhaust for 2009 Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles.
D&D and Zipper are offering an aftermarket slip-on/air cleaner package aimed at giving 2009 Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles more oomph.

Fresh from our R&D department at our Horsepower Headquarters in Ft. Worth , TX , D&D Performance Enterprises has completed the BOSS kit, an economy and performance package for the 2009 Kings of the American Road, the Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles.

America’s long-distance hardcore riders require greater performance to get up and around cars and trucks as well as better fuel economy to stretch the gasoline dollar.

D&D knows the cost of ownership is never going to decline so they have spent the extra time and effort to develop products that deliver on economy and performance, which is regulated by the rider’s wrist.

The BOSS kit is spec’d for the 2009 Twin Cam 96 V-Twin

D D Performance Exhaust for Harley-Davidsons.
If you don’t like the way the stock exhaust looks on your ’09
H-D tourer, then D&D might have just the pipes for you.

engine and new chassis on the Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle. The BOSS kit includes our 2009 slip-ons and a Zipper’s high-flow air cleaner.

When we developed the BOSS kit we had 2 things in mind, power and aesthetics. Through extensive dyno testing, we were able to increase the power across the RPM range. We also paid close attention to the fitment of these pipes. As most touring riders know it is also about looks and the stock pipes were not up to snuff, they were not aligned correctly with the rear of the bike.

The engineers at D&D said “Get it straight Jack” and that’s exactly what we did. These pipes are correctly aligned with the back of the bike for an improved aesthetic appearance.

In developing the kit we worked with Zipper’s Performance in opening up the engine to make it breath better, utilizing their factory-replacement HiFlow air cleaners. These air cleaners are 100-percent washable, pleated filter elements.

Enthusiasts are reporting The BOSS kit is delivering an additional 8-9 horsepower increase. Zipper’s air cleaner and D&D’s Slip-ons delivers the biggest bang for your economy and performance buck and is a clear industry leader.

With just a wrench and a ratchet, every Harley-Davidson touring owner can be up and running within an hour. And this kit is designed so that you don’t need a tuner upgrade. Just wrench and ride.

D&D slip-ons come in show-quality chrome or powder coated midnight black.
The dyno chart and dyno video with audio clip for both the BOSS Slip-on exhaust pipe is located on the website in the catalog section at www.danddexhaust.com. D&D is available at your local dealer or directly from headquarters at 817-834-8961.

About D&D Performance Exhaust

In 1972 David Rash could not find the exhaust pipe he needed for his race bike. He knew that the proper exhaust for his engine configuration would give him an edge over his competition so he fabricated one himself. Thirty years and 250,000 pipes later D&D Performance Exhaust systems are some of the leading performance motorcycle exhaust systems in the world. 

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