Herfoss and Drew Supermoto Champions

November 17, 2008
Courtesy of KTM Racing

KTM rider Steve Drew wrapped up the Supermoto Unlimited Championship.
KTM rider Steve Drew wrapped up the Supermoto Unlimited Championship.

HMC KTM Factory rider Troy Herfoss won his first-ever Supermoto Premiere Class Championship at the XTRM/AMA Supermoto Series Finale at Infineon Raceway after a rough two-day fight to finish on top.

Herfoss arrived in Sonoma with a decent points lead, but knew he had to finish up front in order to secure his first championship – a feat easier said than done. Herfoss won his heat and started in pole position during Saturday’s event, grabbed the holeshot and took the early lead. Just as he thought everything was going his way, he stalled the bike coming into the dirt section. “My bike started straight away after I stalled it, but just as I went to take off, I was hit from behind and fell off my bike. I found myself dead last on the first lap of the race and knew it would take my best ride to get back out front,” commented Herfoss. Luckily, Herfoss had smooth lines and a quick lap time which allowed him to make up significant ground on his competitors to finish second behind his teammate, Chris Fillmore, who took the win.

Day two of the Supermoto Finale was equally challenging for Herfoss. His day started with a clutch malfunction in his heat which caused him to start dead last on the starting grid for the main. “For the second day in a row, I found myself having to work from dead last to the front in order to clinch the championship,” stated Herfoss. Fillmore did not fare much better, as he crashed in his heat and had to start on the third row of the starting grid. Once again, Herfoss prevailed and fought his way into third, finishing again behind Fillmore, to win his first championship. Fillmore’s phenomenal weekend finishes earned him second overall in the series, thus, putting two KTM machines on the overall podium.

“I am so excited to win my first championship. Now, I want another one!” reported Herfoss. “I can’t thank the HMC KTM Team enough. They have given me the best bike for two years and I was finally able to earn them the championship they deserved.” Kurt Nicoll, Director of Racing for KTM North America, added, “I want to commend both Troy and Chris for a great year of racing. The two riders worked well together, and combined, were able to push each other, and therefore, the speed of Supermoto racing to a new level.”

In addition to Herfoss’ Championship in the Premiere class, KTM would also like to congratulate Hart & Huntington/ KTM rider Steve Drew on his second Supermoto Unlimited Class Championship.

Overall Results Supermoto Premiere Class
1) Cassidy Anderson
2) Chris Fillmore – KTM
3) Troy Herfoss – KTM
4) Benny Carlson
5) David Pingree

Overall Results Supermoto Unlimited Class
1) Darryl Atkins
2) Kurt Nicoll – KTM
3) Benny Carlson
4) Steve Drew – KTM
5) Josh Chisholm – KTM

Supermoto Premiere Championship Point Standings
1) Troy Herfoss – 137
2) Chris Fillmore – 125
3) Cassidy Anderson – 112
4) Mark Burkhart – 111
5) Benny Carlson – 98

Supermoto Unlimited Championship Point Standings
1) Steve Drew – 125
2) Darryl Atkins – 124
3) Josh Chisholm – 114
4) Micky Dymond – 90
5) Travis Marks – 85