Sidi Sport Rain Boots Review

Bart Madson | November 20, 2008
Sidi Sport Rain Boots
The Sidi Sport Rain Boots provide comfortable and water resistant foot protection for the open road.

Where ever I go, rain follows. It’s a running joke here in the MCUSA office. Riding the Alps last July – got drenched the entire four days. Pacific Coast Highway from L.A. to Oregon – nothing but fog and showers. Touring the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee – wet and drizzling. Mississippi Delta Blues tour… Well, you get the idea. So when it was time to rustle up some gear for a recent tour in Germany, I went to Motorcycle Superstore and typed in two keywords “rain boot.” When my Sidi Sport Rain Boots arrived I knew I’d be thankful.

Motoring through the backroads and autobahns of Southern Germany a week later, I knew I’d made the right choice. Of course, I needed the water resistant protection, as it rained and even snowed during my travels through Bavaria. My feet, however, were dry and comfortable in my Sidi boots. Credit the Lorica composite microfiber exterior for the protective barrier from the outside water. A breathable Teflon-treated interior liner allows moisture to make its way out through the Lorica exterior.

Construction on the Sidis is superb and the Lorica fabric looks and feels like leather. The mid-height designs provide ample ankle support. Extra internal protection inserts at the heel, toe and ankle should provide defense in the event of disaster, or less serious scuffs. Like most riding boots, the Sidi Sport Rain uses a shift toe pad. The non-slip rubber sole comes in handy on wet surfaces and I was surefooted throughout my wet tour – even on the ultra-slick cobblestone streets we encountered in many small German towns.

Sidi Boots in the Black Forest
Our Sidi Sport Rain Boots were good in the rain, and even the snow through the Black Forest of Germany.

Style-wise the Sidis have a look my wife described as “kind of European,” which makes sense as they are of Italian manufacture. The stylish boots fit in just fine on the continent and are a relatively unobtrusive design, especially for a sport/street boot. For those guys who want to ride to work a couple days a week but not haul extra shoes to the office, you should be able to pull off business casual no problem in the Sport Rains.

In the comfort department I had ample time to evaluate the Sidis while hauling a backpack stuffed with a laptop and camera equipment at the INTERMOT bike show in Cologne, one of the largest motorcycle conventions in the world. My feet held up well to the miles of walking on hard cement (much better than the ‘walking’ shoes I tried a day earlier, with a blistering result). While the Sidis are perhaps not the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn, they are near the top and getting better the more I wear them.

My only real complaints with the Sidi Sport Rain are the awkward closing side zippers and $200 MSRP. Most times I simply slap down the Velcro and call it good, rather than fuss with the sluggish zipper pull. As for the two C-note asking price… You’re not getting robbed, but I wouldn’t describe it a terrific bargain either.

Sidi Sport Rain Boots Highs & Lows
  • Water resistant design provides protection from the elements
  • Quality construction and modern design
  • Sure-footed rubber sole
  • Side zippers not the easiest to use
  • High $200 pricetag

Otherwise the Sidis are a near flawless design. Rain or shine the Sidis are my current go-to choice, but when it is raining, and it will be for me, you won’t get the Sidis Rain Boots off my feet.

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MSRP: $200.00
SIZES: Men 6-13, Women 5.5-10.5

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