U-Tag Ice Review

Steve Atlas | December 30, 2008

U-Tag Ice Dog Tags

U-Tag Ice

Motorcycling and danger go hand in hand. No two ways around it, no matter how careful we are and how much protective gear we wear, there is always an inherent danger in riding a motorcycle. Whether it is jumping a motocross bike 30 feet in the air or dragging your knee at the road race track or just commuting to work, accidents happen and people get hurt. The key to limiting those injuries is being prepared. And now there is an all-new line of medical related, fashion-friendly gear on the market and it’s called U-Tag Ice.

Available in either a dog tag necklace or a credit card that fits in your wallet, the U-Tag features a small, foldable USB drive, to which you upload all your medical information. This allows medical personal to access your entire medical history if you are unconscious or unable to speak to them, thus providing the information needed to give you the best possible medical care. Not to mention it looks just plain cool in the dog tag format, or is as easy to put in your wallet as a credit card.

U-Tag Ice Credit Card

We have had the U-Tag Ice for several weeks now and are extremely impressed. To load your information you simply plug the USB end of the device into your computer and fill out the form which pops up, being sure to save the information when you are done. It’s that simple. Then just wear it/carry it whereever you go, especially when you are riding, and you will be that much safer. The dog tag version has become a part of my everyday life. I wake up and automatically put it around my neck as I leave the house each morning, no matter what I am doing. It looks great, never gets in the way, and is very easy to use. They even went so far as to engrave the MotoUSA logo on one of the tags, making it that much better looking, an option which is available to anyone at only a fractional price increase. For this, and for advancing rider safety, the U-Tag Ice hands down gets the MotoUSA Seal of Approval.

Highs & Lows
  • Rider Safety
  • Stylish Looks
  • Awesome Concept
  • None

Available at: www.utagice.com

Prices start at $29.25 for the credit card version and $36.29 for the dog tags.


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