2009 Easyriders V-Twin Bike Show

January 20, 2009
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Sunny weather brought bikers out by the thousands as the line to get into Sacramento s Easyrider show stretched down the street and around the corner.
Sunny weather brought bikers out by the thousands as the line to get into Sacramento’s Easyrider show stretched down the street and around the corner of the Convention Center.

Motorcycle enthusiasts turned the Sacramento Convention Center into Biker Grand Central this past weekend for the 2009 Easyriders V-Twin Custom Bike Show. The atmosphere was rally-like with the roar of V-Twin engines filling downtown Sac as beautiful weather helped attract record crowds.

“Sacramento has always been crazy off the hook,” said Central Coast Cycles master builder, Scott Long, the man who built The Hulk Bike on the Chopper Challenge.

The line to get in stretched down the block and around the corner as motorcyclists took in one of the first bike shows of the 2009 motorcycle event season. Attendees feasted their eyes on almost 200 motorcycles then cast their votes for the Best of Show in the Spectator Class. Easyriders’ Scott McCool was also on hand to provide his professional opinion in the Judged Class.

“This is going to be one of the hardest shows I’ve done in the 13 years I’ve been doing it,” McCool said.

2009 Easyriders V-Twin Bike Show - Sacramento
Springer front ends, high handlebars, and enough chrome to brighten up a dark room were the standard at the show.

High bars, sick paint, and copious amounts of chrome were the standard as street customs vied with radical customs for Best of Show honors. Bobbers and carefully restored cruisers battled it out in the Best Old School/Antique Class with old knuckles and panheads mounted proudly like diamonds in a wedding ring.

Amongst the crowd-pleasers was Walt Ogden’s 2002 H-D Electra Glide. The motorcycle featured a set of bull horns mounted on the front fairing to go along with an anatomically-correct bull’s backside. Every few minutes the bike’s horn would moo, eliciting smiles and surprised

Walt Ogden s  bullish  design was a real crowd-pleaser  especially when the bike mooed at unsuspecting onlookers.
If you stood around long enough, this ‘bullish’ bike would moo at you.

looks with ‘did that bike just moo at me’ expressions on people’s faces. Wooden wagon wheels, empty bottles of Jack Daniels and even a cow pattie behind the bike’s rear tire made it one of the most entertaining displays.

The Sopranos bike also drew more than its share of onlookers. The engine featured a ton of stylish engraving on the head covers, the intake pipe of the heavy breather air filter and on the side of the primary drive to go along with the mandatory faux bullet holes on the fuel and oil tanks. Small details like brass knuckle-style foot pegs and a unique taillight in the shape of the curvy girl you see on mud flaps that sat on the vertically-mounted license plate holder added to the wise-guy motif.

It wouldn t be a Sopranos bike without its share of faux bullet holes.
This is a bike Tony Soprano would be proud to ride.

Our Artistry in Iron Award goes to Iron Slave Choppers. With tall, narrow homemade apes that have been fashioned out of what looks like leaf springs, a chainmail seat and old brass gas lamps for taillights, the motorcycle is both quirky and creative. The hand-scrolled ‘Midevil Steel’ forward controls are unlike anything we’ve seen. The longer you look at the bike the more you’ll appreciate the little things like the Walking Liberty Half Dollar the foot

2009 Easyriders V-Twin Bike Show - Sacramento
It wouldn’t be an Easyriders’ gig without the gratuitous hot chicks in leather.

controls are screwed into and the etched engine case covers and brass knuckle kick starter. We like the creativity of Iron Slave’s RJ Parkins, who is a local Sacramento boy, so keep your eye out for a feature article on his work in the near future. 

Carl Brouhard Designs gets our nod for best engine for his four-cylinder, twin-turboed pro-streeter. The Nelson Engineering V-Quad is claimed to put out almost 300 horsepower. It is based on two Evo-style top ends that have been grafted onto a common crankcase. You’d think this would look like you were sitting on a big block but the configuration is only around six inches wider than a single stock engine. Brouhard’s creativity could only be matched by the winners of the 2009 Easyriders Centerfold Tour, Erick Ackley and Dave Sekman of Tempest Cycles. They’ve taken a

It s work like this that earned Tempest Cycles a featured spot on the 2009 Easyriders  Centerfold Tour.
It’s work like this that earned Tempest Cycles a featured spot on the 2009 Easyriders’ Centerfold Tour. 

100-inch Indian powerplant and mounted it sideways like a rotary engine in their build, Conquest. I first saw that bike at the Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show during Bike Week in Daytona and found out from the guys that they won Best of Show there as well.

The rumble of dual pipes bouncing off the walls inside the Convention Center drew crowds away from the displays as a crazy stunter made his grand entrance from outside the building. He rode in like a storm sporting a shiny chrome helmet with a big spike on top, whipping a Sportster around like it was a BMX bike. He did the full stunter regiment, smokin’ tires, poppin’ stand-up wheelies, and riding like a hooligan in general. The logo on the side of his Sporty read ‘Jason Pullen Stunts,’ and I would find out that Jason has made a name for himself by pulling stunts on big Harley-Davidson motorcycles that are much heavier than the sportbikes that most stunters use. His skills put the crowd’s energy on high.

His show was followed up by a female vocalist that was belting out some serious licks as her band ran through alt-grunge favorites like Filter and Alice in Chains. The seamstress at

2009 Easyriders V-Twin Bike Show - Sacramento
Jason Pullen brought the crowd to its feet with his hooligan antics.

the booth selling leather jackets and vests couldn’t sew fast enough in the patch-wearing crowd of Boozefighters, Hells Angels and Vagos. Roped off display areas allowed owners to get creative in displaying their motorcycle, adding to the fun factor for attendees. There was no shortage of cool things to see, like the innovative hard saddlebags that raise up electronically by Savage Cycle. Push the remote on the Bags Up system and watch them rise, making access to the rear for servicing a snap. A 1951 Panhead with a 100cc supercharger also made me chuckle. There was definitely no shortage of creativity at the show.

“Sac has always been one of our favorite events. The bikes in the area are unbelievable. Norcal has a style of its own. You never know what you are going to see in Sacramento,” said Easyriders Events President, John Green.

Look  it s Motorcycle USA s Cheezy-Rider  Bryan Harley.
It’s a Cheezy-Rider!!

According to Green, there was a 20% increase in attendance and 25% more bikes entered in this year’s competition in comparison to last year’s event. It was definitely encouraging to see so many people out. Green and his crew put on a great show, and Sac was definitely the place to be last weekend if you’re into creative customs, hot chicks, live music and a rockin’ good time.

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