Best in the Desert Parker 250 Results

January 14, 2009
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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The opening round of Best in the Desert (BITD) Silver State Series kicked off last weekend with the Epic Racing Products Parker 250. Motorcycle, ATV and UTV pilots converged on Parker, Arizona January 10th for a crack at posting the quickest times around a dusty 83-mile loop. Motorcycle riders and quads made three circuits while UTV drivers circled the torturous racecourse twice. No pre running was allowed.

David Kamo
David Kamo (shown) teamed with fellow Red Bull KTM rider, David Pearson, to win the opening BITD event.

Factory Red Bull KTM riders David Pearson and David Kamo secured the overall victory with a two-minute lead over Honda-mounted Ricky Brabec and Robert Underwood. The two teams were both winners in their respective divisions, Open Pro and 4-stroke Pro. Third overall was Ty Davis and Gary Sutherlin on Zip-Ty Racing’s new Husqvarna 510 TXC (2nd Open Pro).

In the Ironman division, it was Kyle Hucklebridge who took the victory out of the Ironman Expert division. The Honda rider finished a pair of laps in 3:15’40 ahead of Scott Glimp.

This was the first of six points races for dirt bikes and UTVs, and Round 1-of-5 for the ATV class.

BITD Parker 250 MC/Quad Overall Results:
1. David Pearson/David Kamo, KTM
2. Ricky Brabec/Robert Underwood, Hon
3. Ty Davis/Gary Sutherlin, Husq
4. Adam Thissen/Martin Kite, Unknown
5. Connor Penhall/Chad Black, Unknown
6. Ryan Penhall/Cale Wallace, Hon
7. Jerry Parsons/Anthony Westbay, Yam
8. Michael Johnson/Rex Cameron, Unknown
9. Nick Burson/Brent Harden, Husq
10. Jake Hulett/Kurt Samuelson, Kaw

BITD Parker 250 MC/Quad Ironman Results:
1. Kyle Hucklebridge, Hon
2. Scott Glimp, Hon
3. Ben Porter, Hon
4. Ryan Kennedy, Yam
5. Rico DeSaracho, Yam
6. Willy Elam, Hon
7. Rusty Ozanich, KTM
8. Todd Meyers, Hon
9. Trevor Eve, Kaw
10. Corey Wilkinson, Hon

BITD Parker 250 UTV Overall Results:
1. Brandon Schueler/Justing Schueler/Chad Riccio/Mike West, Polaris
2. Michael Lasher/Tim Orchard/Rick Wallace/Dave Elbert, Kaw
3. Jim Creagan/Tabor Cresap, Arctic Cat
4. Jerome Vinagro/Rito Jauregui/Jeff Daugherty/Craig Hein, Polaris
5. Sean Cook/Colton Cook/Brandon Ciptak, Yam
6. Joseph Leeper/Robby Sibold, Yam
7. Ron Palhegyi/Dan Palhegyi/ron Sewell/James Oliver, Yam
8. Matt Peers/Colby Davis, Yam
9. Ray Aycox/Lisa Vallet/Taylor Guy, Polaris
10. Cory Sapplington, Yamaha

Courtesy of Husqvarna

BitD Starting Line
“We were a little under-geared which really hurt us in the fast sections but to get both bikes to the finish line with no mechanicals speaks well for these Husqvarna’s and the riders.” – Ty Davis

While not evident to casual race watchers the wheels of history were turning in Arizona last Saturday morning when a two motorcycle team headed by desert ace Ty Davis rolled toward the starting line of the Parker 250. With little fanfare the flag dropped at 7:24am and Davis clicked into gear his Malcolm Smith supported Zip-Ty Racing #N05 Husqvarna 510 TXC. The move solidified Husqvarna’s first major desert race entry and opened yet another chapter in Husqvarna’s historic racing legacy.

Starting from the back of the Open Class grid Davis fought a blinding combination of dust and bright morning sun, but wasted no time advancing his and co-rider Gary Sutherland’s #N05 Husky to the front of the pack. The pair rode flawlessly and other than regretting his choice in gearing rider/manager Davis was delighted with his teams 2nd Open Pro [3rd Overall], and 7th Open Pro [9th overall] finishes.

“I’m very pleased with the result. We basically came over here to shake down the bikes to see where we stand. We didn’t even finish working on them until midnight Thursday,” said Davis. “We were a little under-geared which really hurt us in the fast sections but to get both bikes to the finish line with no mechanicals speaks well for these Husqvarna’s and the riders.”

Harden posted a flawless ride with his co-rider Nick Burson and together they ended their day with a 9th overall, 7th in class finish. An excellent showing for the pair’s first competitive attempt aboard the powerful #N04 Husqvarna 510 TXC.
“We haven’t had much of a chance to test this new Husky but our preparation and race strategy paid off,” said Harden. “I’m always glad to get the racing season underway and I’m pleased that Nick and I had a smooth ride and a top 10 finish.”

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