Christini AWD Supermoto First Look

January 21, 2009
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Christini AWD SuperMoto
The Christini AWD SuperMoto is the Philadelphia-based company’s take on the street bike.

Philadelphia’s Christini Technologies is taking its all-wheel-drive motorcycle design to the streets with the unveiling of its AWD SuperMoto. Debuting at the Jan 16th New York IMS show, the prototype SuperMoto is a KTM 450 SX-F kitted out with parts from the KTM catalog. Aftermarket upgrades include Maxxis Presa Goldspeed tires along with the signature Christini AWD system.

The Christini AWD is a kit that can be added to current Honda and KTM dirt bikes. The front wheel is powered by a chain from a piggyback-mounted sprocket on the countershaft to a right-angle gearbox housed underneath the left frame spar. A shaft then carries the energy into a custom Christini-built steering head. Bevel gears further transfer torque to the lower triple clamp where a pair of small chains turn a telescopic driveshaft down each fork leg. A handlebar lever allows a rider to engage/disengage the system at will.

Already enjoying success in the Maxxis EnduroCross series and extreme enduro events like Red Bull Last Man Standing, Christini is pursuing road racing options. A recent press release announcing the SuperMoto states: “the benefits of traction and stability provided by the AWD System may be even more beneficial in the form of dual sport and road applications thus making the jump from off-road to SuperMoto the next logical step considering SuperMoto race bikes are motocross based.”

Christini tells us testing of the SuperMoto is just beginning, with plans to fine tune drive ratio for its new street application. “Limited testing has been done thus far,” continues the Christini PR, “but initial reports indicate that corner speed and exit stability upon acceleration are dramatically improved.”

The firm also sees potential sportbike racing applications for the AWD. To this end, Roland Sands has built a Christini version of his SuperSingle road racer, where the renowned builder takes a 450 MX and turns it into an entry-level sportbike racing platform.

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