Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boots Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | January 29, 2009
2009 Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boots
The Icon Accelerant Waterproof Boots don’t require much break-in and are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

New for 2009, Icon offers up its latest Accelerant Boot. At 1.5-lbs each, they are said to be the lightest boot that Icon produces. Their claim to being 100% waterproof is another of the Accelerant Boots selling points. Constructed of black leather uppers and nylon, the boot features a shin deflector strap with an aluminum locking buckle and a steel reinforced shank for support. The bottom side of the boot features an anti-slip rubber compound for a positive feel with the footpegs and road surfaces.

When I got these boots it was still early fall and while waiting for the first rain storm, I’d ride to work every day with an eye towards the sky hoping for a few raindrops. When it happened, I was giddy as a kid with a new toy. Throwing on my gear, I rode through a downpour with the rain bouncing up from the ground. Figuring it was only a matter of time before my socks and boots gained weight from absorbed water, imagine my surprise when my feet were still warm and dry when I arrived. The only wet spot on the boots were the laces. And due to the anti-slip rubber on the bottom, when I stopped at traffic lights my feet stayed firmly planted on the pavement.

The aluminum buckle works well to customize the fit of the upper part of the boot. You can tuck the boot laces under the strap so they aren’t flapping against your leg or, worse yet, wrap themselves around the footpegs. It allows for flexing and moving of your ankle, but still feels protective and secure.

Sizing does run a tad small, so keep in mind when ordering you may need a slightly larger size. I normally wear a size 8.5 and bought a 9. The fit was snug but not too tight and with time, they have stretched out a bit.

I cannot say enough positive things about these boots. Granted I am not on my feet all day, but I am known to stand around the water cooler talking shop and I walk at least two miles every day, all in these boots. Lightweight and stylish, you don’t get the moon boot feeling of other waterproof boots. Standing or stooping, there aren’t any uncomfortable pressure points on your legs or feet from hardware, and they actually look cool with jeans. Resembling something similar to a cross between a high top sneaker and a hiking boot, these are great whether you’re cruising around town or hitting the road for an extended tour.

We checked out the customer reviews at the Motorcycle Superstore to see what people were saying about their Accelerant Boots. Gerald, a motorcyclist from Julian, CA, agrees with our assessment.

“These are the most comfortable riding boots that I’ve ever owned. They make you feel like you are walking on air. I’m on my feet all day at work and when I take them off, my feet aren’t hurting like they normally do with my work boots. I normally wear a size 13. I ordered a size 14 and they fit perfectly. They feel good on the pegs and fit easily under the shifter without having to make adjustments. I’ve worn them in two rainstorms and one light dusting of snow. They kept my feet warm and dry. I will definitely order again,” Gerald said.

Whatever your preference for riding gear, these boots will look stylish with anything. Priced at $125, you might want to pick up a second pair while you’re at it before everyone catches on that they can pick up a stylish, durable boot without breaking the bank. 

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