Motorcycle Tracker Updates Every 15 Seconds

January 23, 2009
Courtesy of True Tracker Pro

The time to be serious about motorcycle theft is before it happens, not after. Protecting your investment is imperative. Will insurance pay enough to replace what you’ve lost? Imagine waking in the morning to find that your bike has been stolen. Most trackers cannot be activated until the Police complete a stolen vehicle report. How much time has been wasted? Is it already in a chop shop? In a container to be shipped out of the country? Less than 35% of motorcycles stolen are ever recovered. Do not become a statistic.

Protect your precious possession with the True Tracker Pro 6.0 GPS tracking device for motorcycles. This unit can be hidden in a number of areas on your bike, undetectable to a criminal. You can define a territory known as GeoFencing or a Safety Zone. Set a perimeter around your bike when you park, if the unthinkable happens and someone attempts to move your bike, an alert will be immediately be sent to a cell phone or email that you have designated. If in a desolate are, no worry, True Tracker Pro transmits longitude, latitude and altitude for quick recovery.

Unlike other GPS devices, the True Tracker Pro does not have to be activated by Law Enforcement. It continually tracks your location with updates in real time. You may track from a cell phone, blackberry, laptop or PC. There is no range restriction, the 6.0 tracks anywhere in the world at any time. Incorporating cutting edge software, the True Tracker Pro 6.0 uses 3D maps from Google, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Yahoo Maps showing bird’s eye and ariel views. The True Tracker Pro tracks from location to location showing date, time, speed and distance traveled. The 6.0 is a self-contained lightweight, water resistant, small durable unit, weighing only 3 ounces, making the 6.0 practical for personal or asset tracking.

True Tracker Pro’s 6.0 is cost competitive. Location information is reported using a direct GPRS data connection. The 6.0 utilizes a built-in-20 channel SIRF Star III GPS WAAS enabled receiver and a built-in tri-band (850/1800/1900MHz) GSM GPRS modem. The unit contains a built in rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Does your family worry about you when you are out riding? Your family/friends can use the website, password protected control panel to see your location. Through the mapping software, they can see street address details of your location, or zoom out to get a wide-angle or bird’s eye view to know you are safe.

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