Risk Racing Magnetic LED Light-Mine Review

Bryan Harley | January 27, 2009

The ‘Light-Mine’ is about as big around as a golf ball and its assorted magnets allow you to angle a beam of light just where you need it.

Ever break down at night on a dark road? How about working in a dimly-lit garage that casts more shadows than light? Then Risk Racing’s Magnetic LED ‘Light-Mine’ might be your saving grace.

The unique utility light is shaped like a miniature World War II mine. Extending in every direction are 12 rare-earth magnets that will stick to any steel surface. It is about the size of a golf ball, so it can easily be tucked away in a saddlebag or tool kit. It has a small, wide-angled LED on one of its round sides and a black on/off switch on the other. It emits a beam of light that is concentrated and surprisingly bright. It doesn’t put out a wide pattern and won’t replace your Maglite but is handy while working in situations where you need light focused in a specific area.

Besides looking cool, the mine design is purposeful. Its small size allows you to stick it in tight work areas.You can rotate the magnets until you have the light aimed exactly where you want it. Need to find that pesky oil leak? The ‘Light-Mine’ can illuminate every crevasse of that V-Twin. Attach it to your swingarm and light up that impossible-to-

Risk Racing Light Mine
               The little utility light has a myriad of uses.

reach bolt on your shock without having to try and hold a flashlight steady under your chin. The magnets serve double-duty as a handy tool for retrieving dropped washers and screws in tight places.

The ‘Light-Mine’ is powered by three alkaline button cell batteries. If used for short stints, the batteries rejuvenate between uses and will last for approximately 20 hours. If turned on continuously, the charge lasts about 10-11 hours. The batteries are replaceable, but at $7.99, it’s almost just as convenient to buy a new one. It’s helpful in emergency situations and should be in every gear bag.

MSRP – $7.99





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