US Rejects Proposed Motorcycle Tariff

January 15, 2009
The quick-turning Piaggio Fly 150 represented the scooter contingent of our Newbie comparo.
Small-displacement European motorcycles and scooters, like this Piaggio Fly 150, will not be subject to the 100% tariff the US proposed in retaliation to the EU ban on hormone beef.

MIC applauds today’s decision by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) not to include motorcycles on the list of European products that will face increased tariffs in connection with a dispute regarding the European Union ban on imports of hormone-fed beef and beef products. Motorcycles (including mopeds) over 50 cc but not over 500 cc from member States of the European Union were initially considered among other products for imposition of retaliatory tariffs.

MIC, in response to the USTR’s November 6 public request, worked with affected member companies and submitted comments opposing the imposition of retaliatory tariffs on imports of motorcycles. The focus of MIC’s comments was the disproportionate economic harm such tariffs would cause to American businesses and their employees whose livelihoods depend on the ability to sell these products. MIC also provided extensive economic impact information to USTR regarding businesses and jobs that would be damaged or destroyed if the proposed retaliatory tariffs were imposed on 51cc – 500cc motorcycles from Europe.

MIC Senior Vice President for Government Relations, Kathy Van Kleeck applauded the USTR decision noting, “The MIC and the motorcycling community at large thank the USTR for making the appropriate decision not to levy increased tariffs on European motorcycles in connection with a very specific beef-related dispute.”

Van Kleeck also pointed out that, “With climate change, energy conservation and traffic congestion being among the most pressing issues facing our nation today, use of motorcycles should be encouraged rather than discouraged. Many of the motorcycles that were under consideration for tariff imposition are the most fuel efficient available in the marketplace, while at the same time easing traffic congestion and parking capacity issues.”

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) is a not-for-profit, national trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of motorcycles, scooters, motorcycle/ATV parts and accessories and members of allied trades, located in Irvine, California.