Valentino Rossi’s Monster Deal

January 20, 2009
By Dennis Noyes
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Valentino Rossi the very definition of Monster Energy.
Valentino Rossi’s 2.5 million Euro deal with Monster Energy equates to almost 3.3 million dollars.

Valentino Rossi and Monster Energy will soon announce a personal sponsorship contract between the Italian superstar and the American energy drink reportedly worth 2.5 million euros ($3,288,000) with an additional $650,000 as an incentive bonus if the Italian successfully defends his MotoGP title in 2009.

This deal has under discussion for over two years and became more likely when Rossi brought a mock-up of a Rossi-Monster helmet to the Indianapolis Grand Prix last summer.

Since Rossi frequently changes the design and colors on his AGV helmet, the stumbling block in talks between the rider and the potential sponsor has been how to give Monster a consistent presence on a helmet that was frequently changed.

Now Monster has agreed to a general format that will insure the Monster impact while at the same time allowing Rossi to alter elements in the design.

Contrary to speculation, this does not necessarily mean that the money used will come from the budget dedicated to American John Hopkins. Speaking on condition of anonymity a European source told “the story is true but the conclusion that this money is ‘Hopkins’ money’ is false.”

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