Angela’s Angels – Angela Guerrero

February 12, 2009
Greg Christensen Photography

Welcome to MotoUSA’s first installment of Angela’s Angels. You the readers have overwhelmingly requested we bring back our Girl of the Month feature, so we hired the lovely and talented Angela Guerrero to spearhead the effort. The focus of Angela’s Angels is high fashion and high-end motorcycles – plus, of course, extremely beautiful women. On top of the photos, peruse model bio to get to know these angels a little better. Expect to see a new girl every month in hi-res wallpaper size, so be sure to bookmark the spot, and at the end of the year a compilation of the highlights will be available.
Anglea s Angels Anglea s Angels Anglea s Angels Anglea s Angels
Angela’s Angels – Angela Guerrero
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The Queen Bee

To kick things off right, for our first official month back we present the fearless leader of the entire project, Miss Angela herself, so you can get to know the face behind the project. It doesn’t hurt she happens to be a stunningly beautiful model, with brains and a quick-whit to match.

Angela was born in Northern California and raised for much of her childhood in Victoria, BC, Canada (but we won’t hold it against her). Now age 26, her high school years were spent back in NorCal (Petaluma). While attending college in the same area she was recruited into the promotional modeling industry, starting with local alcohol promotions to make some extra cash, eventually turning it into a full-fledged career. She moved to Southern California to be with her boyfriend, MotoUSA Executive Editor Steve Atlas, nearly two years ago and has quickly made a name for herself in the very competitive SoCal promotional modeling scene.

Angela spends a lot of her free time as a philanthropist, donating time and money to orphanages in third-world countries to help out underprivileged children. Last year she flew to Kenya, Africa, spending a month working at Santa Monica’s Children Home. The previous year she was in Honduras volunteering for a similar home. “Every little bit counts,” she says, of her charity work. (For more information go to:

As for riding motorcycles, she is fearless on the back of anything her former racer boyfriend can dig up, and has started taking dirt bike lessons to get acquainted with two wheels and make her way onto the street. Angela puts her Infinity G37S sports car to the test at trackdays. She’s also skydived from 15,000 feet and gone whitewater rafting in South America. The girl is a true adrenaline junkie. Thus, she is the perfect fit to be the Queen Bee at MotoUSA.

So, without further ado, we give you Angela Guerrero and our Suzuki GSX-R750 Project Bike on the boardwalk in beautiful Laguna Beach, California, photographed by the talented Greg Christensen. It doesn’t get much better than this…

– Angela

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