Ducati Bosses Voluntary Pay Cut

February 5, 2009
By MotorcycleUSA Staff
New Ducati Logo

Mass layoffs are a daily reality during our current economic crisis, and motorcycle manufacturers are feeling the pinch too. Already Harley-Davidson and Victory have announced job losses, with Honda and other Japanese manufacturers slowing production as demand quells. Now Ducati is cinching the purse strings, but in a novel way –executives are cutting their pay.

Reports state Ducati boss Gabriele Del Torchio and other Ducati execs chose to cut their pay voluntarily. The reason for the move is in response to the dramatic decline of motorcycle sales in Italy.

No hard numbers are listed, but the Bologna firm is sure to generate good will from struggling consumers by the move. Perhaps the banking CEOs getting golden parachutes from American taxpayer bailout funds can buy up all the leftover Desmosedicis!

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