EZY-Lift Discount for AMA Members

February 4, 2009
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Moving stuff with your truck is easy. It’s the loading and unloading that are hard. Now, members of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) can purchase one of the most convenient loading products on the market today for less. Effective immediately, AMA members receive a 10 percent discount on EZY-Lift products and services.

EZY-Lift manufactures lifts that attach to the bed of a pickup truck or trailer. The lifts can load large objects, such as engine blocks or motorcycles, which weigh up to 2,000 lbs. Despite its capabilities, EZY-Lift units are not obtrusive. With the arms tucked cleanly behind the walls of the truck bed, the lift is inconspicuous when not deployed.

“A recent membership survey indicated that 75 percent of the AMA’s roughly 300,000 members own a truck,” said AMA Director of Business Development Jim Moore. “Anyone who’s tried loading up anything of size, such as a full-size streetbike, knows how tough that can be. EZY-Lift offers an industrial-grade solution to the loading and unloading processes, and we greatly appreciate the price break the company is offering AMA members with this discount.”

Added EZY-Lift CEO Steven Bischoff, “Trucks are popular second vehicles for motorcyclists, and whether it’s for those rare times they need to haul a bike, or one of the many other times they’re transporting a piece of less-mobile heavy equipment, we’re pleased to offer these savings to AMA members.”

AMA members can take advantage of the discount online at www.EZYLift.com or by calling (800) 974-3032, ext. 710. The discount code is available in the Members area of the AMA website at www.AmericanMotorcyclist.com.

The EZY-Lift product discount is just the latest in a long list of AMA member benefits and savings. For more on the benefits of AMA membership, see www.AmericanMotorcyclist.com and click on Member Services.

Not an AMA member? It’s easy to join and redeem this valuable offer, as well as take advantage of numerous other savings. Simply select Join/Renew in the Membership menu of the AMA website and follow the simple steps. As an AMA member, not only will you get a great package of benefits, you’ll be supporting America’s leading advocacy organization for the motorcycling lifestyle.

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