H-D Screamin’ Eagle Gear Bag Review

Bryan Harley | February 12, 2009
H-D Gear Bag
There’ll be no mistaking which bag is yours at crowded airports with Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagle Nylon Equipment Bag.

The first time I saw Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagle Nylon Equipment Bag, I thought “Whoa, that thing’s huge.” Of course, I only said that after we tried to squeeze American Iron’s Editor Chris Maida completely inside of it at the H-D XR1200 intro. Packed with gear, it is easily two feet deep. And that’s a good thing when you travel as much as I do with a full array of riding equipment, cameras, video recorders and even a couple changes of clothes (if I’m lucky).

The Screamin’ Eagle gear bag is divided into two main compartments. The deep-welled main body can easily hold a helmet, boots, riding pants, rain gear and enough clothes for a week. There is a separate zippered top compartment that works perfectly for a thick, leather riding jacket. Riding jackets always seem to be the last thing to find room for when packing, and not having to cram my leather in on top of everything else was a pleasurable change of pace to the usually trying ordeal. Flip open H-D’s Nylon Equipment Bag and you’ll find three more storage compartments inside, one mesh and two nylon that are perfect for socks and small personal items.

On the bag’s exterior, there is one zippered pocket at the top that is just the right size for toiletries, allowing you to remove them from the main cargo compartment so if the loose lid on your shampoo bottle explodes at 35,000 feet, at least it won’t get all over your clothes. Just below it is another larger exterior zippered pocket, about lap top size.

With the heft of the bag, it’s a good thing that it comes with wheels for easy transport. Just pop up the handle, lean it onto its wheels, and roll. The collapsible handle tucks neatly out of the way so luggage handlers won’t have the opportunity to break it off.

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle graphics make the bag stand out on crowded airport baggage claims. A combination of the words Harley-

H-D Screamin  Eagle Nylon Equipment Bag
H-D’s mondo gear bag has no problems holding a helmet, boots, riding pants, a jacket and spare clothes.

Davidson in big block letters is printed on three sides, the Bar&Shield logo is on two, and if that’s not enough, there’s a Screamin’ Eagle emblem thrown in for good measure. It’s also a conversation starter, as on more than one occasion I’ve engaged in conversations with other motorcyclists just because they see the bag and ask me if I ride.

It is a well thought out design. Two nylon handles about shoulder’s width apart on the outside of the bag facilitate lifting when its horizontal, which I’m sure the bag handlers at the airport appreciate. Two orange straps with plastic fasteners add a second layer of insurance in case a zipper blows, but after several trips with the gear bag stuffed to the gills, none of the zippers have separated and no stitching has popped.

My only word of caution is that it’s so big, it’s easy to put in too much stuff and exceed the 50-lb weight limit enforced by the airlines, a lesson I learned the hard way to the tune of a little over $100.

It’s big, it looks cool, and it’s easy to spot. The fact that it provides a separate storage space for a heavy jacket is a bonus. The Screamin’ Eagle Nylon Equipment Bag stickers for $195 and is available at most Harley-Davidson dealerships.


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