Infineon California Superbike School Openings

February 18, 2009
Courtesy of California Superbike School
California SUPERBIKE School

Sears Point (as we call it) or Infineon Raceway (if you prefer), is 2.22 miles in length, and ranges from 40-50 ft wide. Passing is not a problem and neither is a lack of excitement. The track is quite technical and offers many elevation changes, chicanes, esses, straightaways, blind turns, off-camber turns, and sweeping and decreasing radius turns.

You will be challenged with turns like Turn 6, a long downhill decreasing radius turn that will truly test your throttle control, or turns like Turn 2, a blind, uphill, off-camber right hander that will test almost all of your skills.

It is truly a blast to ride, and another Superbike School Coach favorite. If you haven’t come close to Ben Spies’s track record of 1:35.893, then you may just need to attend the California Superbike School to give you the extra bit of riding ability to get you one step closer.

We have a couple spots left at Sears Point on March 16 & 17. Click here to sign up!

How does a school get to be #1 in the world?

“An associate gave me, in my opinion, the ultimate compliment. As we were coming off the track, he mentioned, “You ride a damn good bike. You ride like you’ve been to one of those Keith Code classes.'” J.F.

“I want to compliment you and your team on your attention to your customers, your excellent communications and your interest in always improving what you already do very well.” B.B.

“Each person, from those I emailed in the admin office, to those who were providing the actual on-track instruction, was outstanding. Let me repeat that – outstanding.” A.S.

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