Limpnickie Crew Debuts Builder Manual at Expo

February 3, 2009
Limpnickie Lot Sturgis Flyer
The Limpnickie Lot made a name for itself in Daytona and Sturgis last year, and now they’ve compiled a Limpnickie Builder Manual so more people can learn what they’re all about and check out their handcrafted, American-made wares.

The same Next Generation revolution that swept the nation in 2008 is coming to Cincinnati, Ohio this year for the V-Twin Expo, but this time it’s all business.

Starting in Daytona Spring Bike Week, the Limpnickie Lot set down a flag for the Next Generation and the differences in the culture they share. From punk rock and heavy metal to skateboarding to hand-built parts, the Limpnickie Kids started getting it on, as a group, and kept it going all year.

As they toured the country this past year, having great times and meeting the best people, they recognized what a fantastic opportunity they had to use their network to help each other keep American manufacturing alive and well in the motorcycle industry.

By setting up their own booth in Cincinnati this year and developing the first ever “Limpnickie Lot Builders Manual” they are on the door step of a new beginning. The Builder Manual is a collection of Next Generation Builders, artists and performers, all in one convenient catalogue. Complete with bios on cutting edge artists and Vaudevillian performers, some of the best hand-made American parts on the market today and tons of pictures from the year they had on the road, this is more than a retail piece, it’s a road map to who they are and what they do.

The booth will be 20 by 20, with a complete video presentation taken from all 2008 locations and a full size, 8×16 half pipe with professional skateboard performers. Alongside all of the theatrics, the builders themselves will be on hand to deliver the Builder Manual to shop owners and answer questions about the collection of parts from the catalogue that they will have on display.

You can see a digital version of the first “Limpnickie Builder Manual” at  or just stop by and get one in person during the expo. Support the Kids with the funny name and visit the Limpnickie Lot, at Booth# 2619 during the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati from February 7-9th. For more information on the Limpnickie Lot see their website at