Moto USA’s Kawasaki Adventure Winner

February 3, 2009
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Ryan Shough  Kawasaki Adventure Getaway winner
Ryan Shough out of the San Francisco Bay Area will soon be hooking up with the MotorcycleUSA crew for an epic ride, a tour of Kawasaki’s HQ, and will soon be getting new gear to boot as the lucky ‘Ultimate Kawasaki Adventure Getaway’ winner.

Moto USA Magazine and Kawasaki are teaming up to give one motorcycle fan the experience of a lifetime. Ryan Shough, an avid motorcyclist out of Northern California’s Bay Area, is the winner of Moto USA’s “Ultimate Kawasaki Adventure Getaway.” Shough will soon get the opportunity to ride with members of the Motorcycle USA Editorial Team on a grand adventure that will be a feature story in an upcoming issue of Moto USA Magazine. Besides riding some of Kawasaki’s latest motorcycles and hangin’ with the crew, Shough will also get a tour of Kawasaki’s headquarters in Southern California and will receive a new set of riding gear.

The lucky winner says he has been riding motorcycles for almost ten years. After beginning his riding career on a 600cc Honda Shadow, there’s been no looking back. Since then, he has owned a variety of bikes, from cruisers to sport tourers. He claims to be a big fan of motorcycle roadracing and attends the local AMA and MotoGP races every year at nearby Laguna Seca. He is a member of the BMW Club of Northern California, the Iron Butt Association and the Bay Area Riders Forum. Currently he rides a 1981 BMW R100 cafe racer.

“I’ve done everything you can do on a motorcycle on pavement, from commuting to rallies to track days to cross country touring,” Shough said.

But he jokes that his only off road experience was when “I

Ryan Shough  contest winner  on an old BMW oilbox doing track time.
Shough has been known to do the occasional track day on an old ‘oilhead’ BMW. Maybe after his Kawasaki Adventure he’ll want to move up to the ZX-10 instead.

missed a braking marker at Thunderhill.”

Shough beat the odds when he was chosen at random to win the “Ultimate Kawasaki Adventure Getaway,” proving that it pays to be a MotorcycleUSA fan. He also stated that he checks out the Motorcycle USA website “every other day. I enjoy the wide variety of well-written articles, in particular the bike tests, travel articles, and Euro Gossip features.”

Shough just sent us his sizes, so we’re lining up his new gear and are planning out the ride, so be sure to keep an eye out for his article in an upcoming issue of Moto USA Magazine. And keep reading, ‘cause who knows what contest we’ll run next time. Ryan Shough won. So could you.