Pirelli Announces Green Project

February 10, 2009
Courtesy of Pirelli

Pirelli Trials Tire
Pirelli’s new MT43 Trials tire is the centerpiece of the “Green Project”.

In the never-ending effort to help the environment, Pirelli Tire has joined the worldwide conservation movement with its “Pirelli Goes Green Project.” With this initiative, Pirelli becomes the first U.S. motorcycle tire company to embrace soil/trail conservation in North America through the use of its current and future off-road D.O.T. products.

Due to soil erosion, noise and displacement of wildlife, activists have had success in closing down public riding areas throughout the U.S. Local and state riding clubs and associations across the country are seeking assistance from all sources in an effort to reduce the impact of such legislation. By developing and importing several different environmentally friendly tire lines, Pirelli has taken the lead role in preserving the trails from the erosion debate.

All tires involved in the “Green Project” are D.O.T. approved and the MT 43 Trials Tire will be the centerpiece of the project. Pirelli also offers the MT 21, Scorpion Pro FIM Legal and Scorpion Trail tires as current products that insure that the tires used in an off-road environment reduce our footprint to the environment.

“Instead of fighting activists in opposition, we will embrace them” stated Pirelli Motorcycle Division V.P. Scott Griffin. “This is Pirelli’s plan at presenting a solution to the soil erosion problem in an effort to expand, reopen and maintain public riding trails/areas.”

With its “Pirelli Goes Green Project,” the Italian tire company has taken the first step in establishing an environmentally friendly market that will continue to grow throughout its motorcycle tire program.

For more information please visit www.us.pirelli.com.

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