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February 19, 2009
Courtesy of TrackAddix
To help “stimulate” the track day economy we have updated our discount programs. Now it won’t take an act of congress for you to save money on your track day season. Just visit theĀ Discount Programs page of our website for complete details.

TrackPacks are Back! We are once again offering our popular TrackPacks to help you save money on track days. And best of all, they are transferable, so use all the coupons yourself, or share them with friends. There are 2 different TrackPacks available. One for our Sessions events and one for our No Sessions events.

DO NOT DELAY! We are only making 20 of each available and only until March 7th unless supplies run out sooner.

Also, returning for 2009 are our MotoMania Club, Frequent Rider Program, and Customer Rewards Program.

Click here to visit ourĀ Discount Programs web page and get complete details.

MotoCup Challenge

The excitement for this unique racing series continues to build as we have received many membership applications. If you plan on racing in this series, but you have not yet sent us your membership application, stop procrastinating before your preferred race number is taken.

Click here for complete details regarding this fun and affordable new racing series. TrackAddix MotoCup Challenge.

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