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February 24, 2009
Courtesy of Triumph
Triumph engineered with Alpinestars line of technical riding apparel.
Triumph engineered with Alpinestars line of technical riding apparel.

Triumph and Alpinestars have collaborated to create the ‘Triumph engineered with Alpinestars’ line of technical riding apparel. The high performance apparel combines the distinctive Triumph look and premium Alpinestars design for a unique line of men’s and women’s jackets, pants, gloves and boots as well as a men’s suit.

The apparel line was developed in conjunction with some of the world’s fastest MotoGP riders and complements Triumph’s full line of Urban Sport motorcycles, which includes the class-leading Daytona 675 as well as the Speed Triple, Street Triple and new Street Triple R.

“Triumph is passionate about providing outstanding motorcycling experiences, and having the proper gear is extremely important to achieving that,” said Jim Callahan, North American Marketing Manager for Triumph Motorcycles. “‘Triumph engineered by Alpinestars’ apparel offers class-leading riding gear with a look that is pure Triumph.”

Just as Triumph does with its motorcycles, Alpinestars utilizes state-of-the-art design and technology in all of its products. Each of the jackets, pants, gloves and boots have an aggressively styled urban design with features that were developed on the track and transferred directly to the street for the highest level of riding performance.

The riding apparel features a long list of technical benefits that range from the protective nature of full grain 1.2-1.4MM cowhide, thermoplastic polyurethane (PU) panels and Kevlar reinforcements. Creature comforts that include stretch panels, removable linings and generous amounts of venting make long days on the street or at the track comfortable. The color combinations and Triumph logos are exclusive to the ‘Triumph engineered with Alpinestars’ line.

AS2 Jacket
• 1.2-1.4mm full grain leather with multiple-stitched main seam construction.
• Ergonomically placed accordion stretch panels and stretch panel insert for optimal fit.
• Pre curved sleeves and adjustable waist for optimal comfort.
• Removable CE approved GP elbow and shoulder protectors.
• Removable thermal vest for multi-season riding comfort.
• Back protector compartment with PE padding and aerodynamic ventilated profile back hump.
• External foam padding and chest compartment with PE padding.

Complement your Triumph motorcycle with Alpinestars - Triumph designed Gloves.
Complement your Triumph motorcycle with Alpinestars – Triumph designed Gloves.

AS1 Gloves
• The ultimate in race riding, developed between Alpinestars and GP riders.
• Thermoplastic polyurethane (PU) knuckle and finger sliders give maximum impact and abrasion resistance. The PU construction is 4 times more abrasion resistant than Carbon Fibre and allows for venting across the knuckle.
• The outside finger seam is offset with a leather panel and sliders to the wrist to prevent unwanted seam bust and to ensure that the rider slides as opposed to tumbles.
• The inner lining of the glove is reinforced with Kevlar, a further barrier against abrasion while the seams are external, increasing rider comfort and feel.
• Grip is improved with the suede panels that help the rider move and adjust the hand while racing, reducing wear and blistering on the palm and fingers
• Double wrist closures allow for a comfortable and secure fit.

Premium Alpinestars design boots with the Triumph look.
Premium Alpinestars design boots with the Triumph look.

AS2 Boots
• The hi-spec race boot is ergonomically shaped for maximum riding comfort. Designed and built for racers, the boot also is designed for everyday use.
• The shin plate, ankle, calf and heel sections are made from thermoplastic PU, proving high levels of abrasion resistance. The calf and heel sections also form a brace to protect these areas from crushing and twisting.
• Venting is built in to the various PU panels for airflow, with a highly breathable lining in the ankle and forefoot areas.
• A rubber compound sole gives good grip and durability which is reinforced with a steel bar for additional protection.
AS1 Suit
• Designed and developed with GP riders for optimum track racing performance.
• The aggressive 90-degree cut sleeves give the rider ultimate comfort when riding hard.
• Stretch panels (stretch Cordura) are positioned for maximum movement.
• The sport hump gives increased aerodynamic streamlining for those all-important seconds.
• While most of the suit is full leather, sections are perforated leather for airflow cooling in the heat of riding.
• Knee sliders are standard.
• The lining is removable and can be washed to keep the suit fresh.

‘Triumph engineered by Alpinestars’ apparel is available through the nearly 200 authorized Triumph Motorcycles dealers throughout North America. To find your local Triumph dealer, please visit

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