2-Fast Track Stimulus Package On Tax Day

March 31, 2009
Courtesy of 2-fast.org

2Fast Stimulus Package for April 15th - Tax Day!
2Fast Stimulus Package for April 15th – Tax Day!

Since the whole Nation seems to be up on the apparent stimulus package that President Obama and the Congress has put together, we here at 2Fast thought we’d do our part to help stimulate the local track day scene. So we are proud to announce the following:

2Fast Stimulus Package for April 15th – Tax Day!

What stimulus package wouldn’t be with out a tax cut (reduced rates) and a kick back of some kind in the form of a rebate? So we’ve got both to help reduce the economic impact upon our patrons:

Reduction in Rates – Register for the 4/15 event during these periods:
• Before April 1st – Price is $139 – $50 savings!
• Between 4/2 & 4/5 – Price is $149 – $40 savings!
• Between 4/6 & 4/8 – Price is $159 – $30 savings!
• Between 4/9 & 4/12 – Price is $169 – $20 savings.
• Between 4/13 & 4/14 – Price is $179 – $10 savings.
• Day of the event – Price is $189 – $0, but no late registration fee.
• Other available discounts do apply to these pricings!

Rebate – Now for the kick back: cash in the hand!
Bring a tax form with you to registration in the morning and we’ll hand you $10 in cold cash! We don’t want your tax return, just a blank tax 1040, 1040EZ or similar form. So don’t bother copying your own tax return. As a matter of fact, if you bring us your completed return, and we’ll charge you $10 to shred it and throw it away…LOL. We just want a blank tax form for the $10 instant rebate!

Rain Guarantee to boot!
For those that just don’t want to risk the rain ruining their day, we are offering the Rain Guarantee option. For $219, you get the track day and if it rains during your session at anytime during the event, we’ll give you a full refund! Hard to argue with that and a good way to insure that your hard earned coin won’t be ruined with the unpredictable NW weather!

So sign up ASAP to maximize your Stimulus benefit and we hope to see you out on the 15th to enjoy some Tax Relief and much needed excitement.

Performance School rates will be discounted by the same amounts as listed above and those people who have already registered for the event will receive the discounts too!