Aprilia Adventure Riding Experience

March 11, 2009
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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When it comes time to purchase a new motorcycle finding the perfect model can be tough. Do you need racy ergos and quick steering as you’d experience on Aprilia’s RSV1000R? Or are you looking for something more practical with a more upright riding position like Aprilia’s Shiver 750? Maybe you want a little of both like you’ll find with the Italian firm’s Dorsoduro 750? Whatever Aprilia motorcycle you’re looking to purchase, with its new Aprilia Adventure riding experience now you can sample it before making one your own.

2009 Aprilia Shiver 750
Fancy a ride on Aprilia’s Shiver 750? Check out its Aprilia Riding Adventure experience coming to an AMA Pro Road Racing venue near you.

As opposed to a typical manufacturer demo experience where you rarely achieve speeds that warrant a shift up from first gear, Aprilia’s program allows licensed motorcycle riders to spend an hour-and-a-half aboard a new Aprilia motorcycle on a great local route.

“A traditional 10-minute, right-hand-turn only demo ride just doesn’t provide enough seat time for someone to understand the attributes that really differentiate Aprilia motorcycles,” says Rick Panettieri, brand manager, Aprilia USA. “Aprilia’s innovative technology, such as the multi-shift-mode sport transmission on the 850 Mana or the tri-map ride-by-wire system of our 750 Shiver and Dorsoduro doesn’t just look impressive on a spec sheet – it really delivers a unique riding experience.”

The program is open to any rider regardless of skill level. The only requirement is a valid motorcycle endorsement along with proper riding gear (helmet, boots, gloves). The fee is just $20 and includes some cool Aprilia swag, such as a t-shirt and hat. The program will be traveling with the 2009 AMA Pro Road Racing series. Registration is first-come-first-serve and must be completed on-site at Aprilia’s vendor setup, where riders get a briefing on the route and the motorcycle they’ve selected. The motorcycles available for demo being the RSV1000R, Tuono, Shiver 750, Mana 850 and Dorsoduro 750.

2009 Aprilia Mana 850
An hour-and-a-half is plenty of time to play with the Aprilia Mana’s unique Sportgear transmission.

Motorcycle USA got the Aprilia Adventure demo experience during the opening round of the 2009 AMA Pro Road Racing series at Daytona. From the Daytona International Speedway we headed west, towards the Florida countryside. Two guides accompany the group (one leading, one trailing) in order to make sure that no one gets lost or have any problems along the route. Despite the overwhelming congestion of Daytona Bike Week, our guides managed to find a route with little traffic and even a few turns! Quite an accomplishment given the straight topography of Florida roads.

There’s a planned stop in halfway through the ride allowing riders to grab a snack or drink and trade motorcycles with other participants if so desired. During the stop you get a chance to chat with the guides, who are well versed in the specific features of the motorcycle you’re riding. The pace during the course of the ride is by no means quick, but at the same time it is at a decent enough speed that you really get to experience some of the characteristics of the motorcycle.
Upon returning back to Aprilia’s vendor area, riders are provided more refreshments as well as an opportunity to learn more about any of Aprilia’s motorcycles. If you’ve never had the opportunity to ride a new Aprilia motorcycle, the Adventure program is the perfect chance to do so without any strings attached.