JCR/Honda SCORE Baja 250 TV show on NBC

March 11, 2009
Courtesy of JCR/Honda

JCR Honda Racing

JCR/Honda, Cameron Steele and Aura 360 are working together to bring the excitement, drama and adventure of SCORE Off-Road racing to NBC.

New Blood in Baja is the primary story line.

“JCR/Honda rider Colton Udall, will miss this race his first as rider of record due to a broken arm. He is being replaced by Metal Mulisha, Lost Energy and Osiris rider Jeff “Ox” Kargola. Kargola who comes from the world of freestyle motocross and his placement with such a high caliber team as the JCR/Honda team is the opportunity of a lifetime. Placing 5th in his first major Off-Road race, the Baja 1000 (2008) only 5 months ago. Now Kargola, and Quinn Cody (riding partner) are on the JCR/Honda B team, and as always the question is how close can they come to catching, if not beating the JCR/Honda A team of Kendall Norman and Timmy Weigand. With Johnny Campbell looking over Ox’s every move. Cameron Steele putting the pressure on Ox and the weight of replacing his friend Colton Udall the tensions on race day are sure to be high.”

The story lines here are as real as it gets. We’ll see who is celebrating and who isn’t at the finish line of the SCORE San Felipe Baja 250.

Slated to air on NBC’s Sunday April 26 telecast of the “Jeep World of Adventure Sports”.

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