Malcolm Smith Sells Banned Motorcycles

March 20, 2009
Courtesy of KTM 

Malclm Smith Protests Minicycle Ban
A federal prohibition on the sale of new and used 85cc, 70cc, 65cc and 50cc displacement mini bikes has affected young dirt bike riders and sellers such as Malcolm Smith.

Multi-line motorcycle dealer Malcolm Smith Motorsports, in protest of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which prohibits the sale of youth motorcycles and ATVs deemed unhealthy for children less than 12 years of age due to supposed high-levels of lead content, sold three youth race machines at its dealership yesterday afternoon.

Three bikes were sold, two of which were KTM 65SX models. The KTM motorcycles were sold to multi-time AMA National Champion Jeff Ward and Troy Lee, owner of the premier custom designed helmet company, Troy Lee Designs.

The group of motorcycle celebrities on-hand agreed to purchase the banned units as a sign of their support of Smith’s Kids Love 2 Ride Protest and will hopefully bring more attention to a matter that is detrimental to the future of motorcycling racing and recreational riding.

“Motorcycling has always been a family sport and the new act prohibits this from continuing – we need to work together now to put an end to the ban on minicycles,” remarked Todd Baldwin, Malcolm Smith Motorsports General Sales Manager.

Malclm Smith Protests Minicycle Ban
AMA National Champion Jeff Ward and Troy Lee of Troy Lee Designs bought three of the KTM bikes banned for lead.  

Malcom Smith Motorsports would like to extend thanks to all the families, friends, small businesses and media who came out to support the CPSIA Protest. Furthermore, KTM North America, Inc. would like to extend thanks to Malcolm Smith Motorsports for its help in fighting the ban on the sale of minicycles.

“On behalf of KTM North America I am extending our deepest gratitude to Malcolm and his staff for their proactive approach to the CPSIA issue. The more people involved and attention generated on this issue will ensure a timely resolution to the matter at hand,” responded KTM President, Jon-Erik Burleson.

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