Senate Set to Send Omnibus to House

March 17, 2009
Stock headlamps aren t the greatest  but they ll get you through in a pinch.
Continue to contact your represenatives and let them know you want to keep enjoying off-road riding on public lands.

Although the official vote in the Senate has not yet taken place, we must be honest and say that the bill is likely to pass either tomorrow or Thursday.

This sends the bill back to the House, and the leadership there is expected to suspend normal rules in order to jam it through without debate or chance of amendments. As we noted in the previous action alert, D.C. insiders expect House leadership to call the legislation up as a “preferential bill,” which would prohibit committee review and limit amendments.

For more information on the Omnibus Land Bill, see previous BlueRibbon Coalition alerts here.

Important info:
I need to mention that the number of calls on this omnibus bill have increased over the last few weeks. This is really rare for long running marathon bills like this one.

Your calls are making a difference and many of the legislators you are calling are starting to question why, in a time of financial crisis, is it so important to jam through a $10 – $12 billion land bill.

Another question that should be asked is, “Why is there no opportunity for an amendment?”

I’ll take this opportunity to mention a few Congressmen asking the tough questions, including Utah’s Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz, California’s Devin Nunes, Florida’s Alcee Hastings, Montana’s Denny Rehberg and Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin, just to name a few.

Honorable mention goes to Wyoming’s Cynthia Lummis, who penned a very well reasoned letter as to why she could not vote for the omnibus bill. I encourage all BRC Action Alert Subscribers to take a minute to read what she said.

What you need to do:
BRC is asking all of our members and supporters to call their Senators AND their Representatives NOW. Finding their phone number is easy. Just enter your zip code on BRC’s Rapid Response Center webpage at

For Maximum Effectiveness:
Call both Senators and your Congressperson. Three quick phone calls. Simply tell them that you oppose the Omnibus Public Lands Act of 2009. Tell them you oppose putting public lands bills into these “all or nothing” omnibus packages.

Be brief. Be polite. Do it NOW.