West Coast Choppers Closes Parts Department

March 16, 2009
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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West Coast Choppers
Want something sporting West Coast Choppers’ badging? Then buy a bike, ’cause that’s the only way you’re going to get it now.

Jesse James of West Coast Choppers is pulling the plug on parts production to the public. The following statement is posted on the WCC website:

“To all our customers, thanks for choosing West Coast Choppers for your bike parts. We appreciate the business. But right now we’re focus on what made us great to begin with: bikes. So if you want an air cleaner or a set of pipes, there’s only one way you can get ‘em and that’s the old-fashioned way… on a bike. Watch for our new supa-fine expanded bike selector tool coming soon, and configure the West Coast Chopper of your dreams.”

James is reported to be pulling in the reins at West Coast Choppers and will oversee all motorcycles fabricated in the shop, putting the emphasis back on customer service and top-notch quality. Of course, this means no more of the popular WCC Maltese Cross Air Cleaners or CFL frames. But it is also a way to battle knockoffs and establish a measure of quality control.

Regardless, it will be good to see James focusing more of his attention on producing rad bikes instead of selling his celebrity.