Angela’s Angels – Rachael McDonald

April 3, 2009
Angleas Angels - RachaelAngleas Angels - RachaelAngleas Angels - RachaelAngleas Angels - Rachael
Angela’s Angels – Rachael McDonald
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Although only 21, Rachael McDonald’s captivating eyes give the glimpse of wise soul. As for motorcycle riding, Motorcycle USA’s latest pin-up doesn’t own a bike. She does, however, loves riding as a passenger, telling us she “loves going fast.” Any takers?

When she isn’t riding on two wheels, Rachael speeds around the LA area listening to alternative rock -Incubus and Chili Peppers being at the top of list. Occasionally, she turns down the music to talk her way out of speeding tickets – this gift means she only currently has two tickets on record, which could easily have been higher if not for her smooth talking.

She’s not a typical model, enjoying junk food without qualms, but when trying to be healthy she favors chicken dishes and lasagna. She still eats carbs! You gotta, love this girl.

The most memorable and worse pickup line she’s heard is: “Have you ever been to Tenessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see.” FYI dude- Tens’ don’t listen to schmucks with lame lines. There’s no such thing as a good line with her but you may score a chance if you have your dog make a move for you. An avid pet lover, she’s known to pickup and save animals off the street.

Stay away from this hot number if you’re a slow driver (stay in your slow lane peeps!), are glued to your cell phone or think your all that. She has no time for slow or fake people.

You’ll be surprised to hear that Rachel doesn’t like to party or socializing at a bar with people she’ll never see again. She’s does love meeting and making new friends but prefers to hang out over an intimate dinner or small get together.

Did I mention I love this girl? Rachael was as sweet and modest as can be. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed shooting with her.


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