ATV Racer Ashley App Injury Update

April 28, 2009
Courtesy of WORCS Racing
As most of you know by now, Taft native and avid ATV racer, Ashely App was seriously injured in an ATV accident earlier this month resulting in major injuries, including multiple fractures to the facial region, first sighted head trauma along with a few more minor issues. Today, April 27th, Ashley has made progress well beyond what anyone had expected this early in her stages of this type of accident. Ashley App has shown incredible determination and strength beyond what most of us could even imagine. The truth is a long road is still ahead. I have kept in contact with Ashley’s mom (Lori Jauch) whom deserves a tremendous amount of support as I being a father cannot imagine going through
what she has over the past 25 days. Dedicated to keeping her daughter’s strengths up and showing all the love a mother could, this women along with Ashley’s entire family deserve much applause and recognition for their efforts and standing by Ashley’s side each and every hour. The update as of yesterday was, Ashley has made huge steps, although baby steps in most eyes, huge steps in hers. Ashley is out of ICU and currently waiting to be transported to a rehab facility that the family is making their decision on as you read this blog. I encourage everyone to drop a line and continue to keep this family in your prayers. Ashley has a long road ahead and with all our support we can help make it an easy road back.

A relief fund has been set-up for Ashley to help assist her with the medical bills and costs of her rehabilitation in the future. I encourage everyone to take a little time out of your day and help this young women. Ashley is a current WORCS member, who runs the #46 in the ATV Women’s A class. I have had numerous emails asking how they can help, here is your answer and from WORCS and the family we appreciate everyone’s support through this difficult time.

Jason Reed
WORCS Racing Public Relations

Ashley App Relief Fund
Kern Schools Federal Credit Union: (Account #2446740)
Kern Schools: 6101 Coffee Rd. Bakersfield, Ca 93308- Bank Phone # (661) 589-6573

Checks can also be mailed to Ashley’s mother at:
Lori Ann Jauch: P.O Box 417; Glenville, Ca 93226

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