HJC AC-X3 Titan MC-5 Helmet Review

JC Hilderbrand | April 22, 2009
The handling is what youd expect from a bike with these components and girth.
The Titan helmet is so light and has such good visibility, we barely noticed it was even on.

The Score
Carbon fiber has become one of the most popular materials in motorsports. Not only does HJC Helmets appreciate it for being strong and light, but the aesthetic qualities as well. One look at the HJC AC-X3 Titan MC-5 helmet and there’s no question it’s expensive and exotic. I rode the Titan helmet through the winter months on dirt bikes and quads to see if it performs as well as it looks.

The Scoop
The first thing we realized is how extremely light the entire HJC AC-X3 Carbon Titan helmet is. It comes in a soft storage bag and we seriously thought the bag might’ve been empty. On the bike this means we hardly notice it no matter how much our head is getting jostled around. The helmet meets Snell M2005 and DOT standards and the eyeport is large enough for good vision without allowing excessive access to roost and branches.

The full CF composite weave shell with I-beam chin bar is a good blend of low-profile design while offering vent channels and goggle strap guide. The dual-intake forehead vents flow air across the AquaTrans liner and out two exhaust ports on the rear. Low-speed, technical riding proved that the Titan could be more efficient with its cooling system and heat retention was an issue at times. The liner is comfortable, but get’s pretty thin after breaking in. Size medium comes with 25mm cheek pads, but my narrow face could have used the available 35mm set which we plan on ordering.

2Moto Snow Bike
We didn’t have overheating problems during our 2Moto ride in the snow.

The Sentence
Not everything about the Titan is exotic with standard features like a padded chin strap, plastic visor, aluminum bolts and a chrome chin vent, all common in the world of dirt bike helmets. However, with above-average comfort and exceptional weight advantages, the HJC AC-X3 is a great off-road helmet.

HJC AC-X3 Titan MC-5 Helmet 
MSRP: $419.99
Sizes: XS-XXL. 

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JC Hilderbrand

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