Icon Airframe Death or Glory Helmet Review

Bryan Harley | April 7, 2009
2009 Icon Death or Glory Helmet
The 2009 Icon Death or Glory Helmet has top-notch graphics, a stellar venting system and is offered at a competitive price.

You’ve heard the phrase “Go Big or Go Home.” Icon’s newest lid, the Airframe Death or Glory Helmet, embraces that attitude. From its bold skull and chain graphics to its aggressive design, the helmet is definitely aimed at Type-A riders. 

Icon goes to great lengths to protect rider’s noggins. I appreciate the R&D that went into the Airframe’s fiberglass/Dyneema/carbon fiber shell and dual-density EPS liner. The fact that it is DOT and Snell M2005 approved helps me ride with the confidence that it will protect me in emergency situations.

The Airframe’s venting is top-notch, with 20mm front intake ports and 35mm rear exhaust ports allowing for a generous flow. The button for the main vent on the top of the helmet is finger-operable. A mouth vent, airports built-in to the chin guard, and rear side vent exhaust holes help the Airframe live up to its ‘Supervent’ billing . Best of all, it kept my face shield fog-free.

The thick cheekpads on my XL helmet fit snug initially but became unnoticeable after my first ride. While riding a big cruiser without wind protection, wind blast to the face pressed the helmet against my head and I became aware of the thin lining over the helmet’s EPS liner against my forehead. The comfort liner, made of Icon’s moisture-wicking HydraDry material, is soft on the skin and is easily removable for cleaning. Just remember to pay attention when you’re snapping it out so you can remember how the cheekpad plates slip between the helmet shell and the EPS liner. Icon offers a variety of cheekpad sizes to dial in the fit throughout its XXS-3X size range.

Besides its ventilation system, the Proshield is designed to be fog-free and scratch resistant. Icon’s ProLock system never failed to keep the shield battened down. Switching out the shield is straightforward. Simply open the shield completely, then push the two orange locking levers to the open position and it pops right off. A good tug and the side plates also pop right off so you can switch them out to a tinted or colored shield. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

Icon’s got a proprietary paint and graphic system that gives the Airframe Death or Glory Helmet custom-quality graphics. The Rubatone finish uses a combination of rubberized polymers to give the graphics clear definition and to lend the helmet a healthy gloss. Icon does a sweet job of integrating the graphics into the side plates that give Icon’s design team a bigger canvas to play with.

Weight is comparable to its competitors, but its $330 MSRP is below the average asking price for similar buckets. With its combination of killer graphics, optimum protection, great ventilation and comfortable fit, the Airframe Death or Glory is a bargain.

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