S&S Engines Now California Certified

April 28, 2009
Courtesy of S&S Cycle
S S Cycle
S&S Cycles has been making great engines for 50 years and just passed the stringent CARB standards.

S&S Cycle of LaCrosse and Viola, Wisconsin has received executive orders from the California Air Recourses Board (CARB), which allows S&S to sell engines for “new build” custom bikes in the State of California.

The engines covered by the executive orders are the S&S V100C, V113C, V124C and X117C. The V100C, V113C, and V124C are carbureted engines with displacements of 100, 113, and 124 cubic inches respectively. The X117C is S&S Cycle’s proprietary fuel injected 56° X-Wedge engine with a displacement of 117 cubic inches. Again, all of these engines are intended for “new build” custom motorcycles.

The V-Series engines are compatible with 1984-’99 style custom chassis designed for Harley-Davidson Evolution big twin engines, and are available in natural, wrinkle black powder coat and polished finishes. The X-Wedge engine requires a specially designed chassis to accommodate the X-Wedge engine mounts. The X117C is available in silver or wrinkle black powder coat, and polished finishes.

S&S CA engines are similar to the existing S&S 49-State EPA engines, but were made compliant with California evaporative emissions requirements with the addition of a carbon canister, a vapor valve, an evaporative hose routing label, and a sealed air cleaner assembly on the carbureted models. Additional restrictions have also been applied to the maximum capacity of the fuel tank and the distance between the fuel tank and engine.

S&S CA engines are available only through qualified S&S dealers. To become qualified, a dealer is required to pass a simple on-line class and test. This is to ensure that the selling dealer is familiar with the special requirements for compliance. Once these requirements have been met for a particular engine, S&S will issue a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) for the engine. At that time, the motorcycle will be deemed certified, and the owner will be able obtain a title, and registration. The bike can then be offered for sale, sold, or ridden with no mileage or use restrictions.

It should be noted that these engines cannot legally be used to replace the engine in a previously registered vehicle. Looking ahead, S&S is currently working toward approval of one or more replacement engines for 1984-’99 Harley-Davidson big twin motorcycles originally equipped with Evolution engines. Executive orders approving replacement engines are expected sometime before the end of the year. This will allow S&S Cycle to provide owners of older Harley-Davidson motorcycles with an emissions legal performance upgrade and an alternative to rebuilding a worn stock engine.