SYM Symba Scooter Headed to US

April 9, 2009
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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American scooter riders with soon have another retro-styled option with the introduction of the Symba from SanYang Motors (SYM). Previously named the WO WOW, the new Symba is cloned after the Honda Super Cub, an iconic model which has sold more than 60 million units world-wide since its 1958 introduction – the best-selling vehicle of all time.

SYM Symba
The Symba is based off SYM’s Wo Wow, in turn a clone of Honda’s iconic Super Cub – the best-selling vehicle in history.

The sales for SYM’s Symba figure to be somewhat more modest… but SYM, which produces a wide range of scooters worldwide, is building its sales in the US market with scooter rides like the 50cc Mio. The Symba has already created an online stir amongst American scooter enthusiasts yearning for the Super Cub glory days of yore – the Honda model not available in the US since the 1980s.

Powering the new Symba is an air-cooled 101cc 4-stroke engine. The single cylinder mill is fueled via a carburetor with power claims at a modest 6.7 horsepower and 5 lb-ft torque. Okay, so it’s not going to out-accelerate the new VMAX, but SYM claims a respectable top-speed of 56 mph. The spec sheet also claims an amazing efficiency of 153 mpg if driven at 25 mph.

The four-speed Symba transmission transfers the power to 17-inch wire-spoke wheels. Seat height is 29.9 inches and the total claimed curb weight is 209 lbs. A telescopic fork and rear swingarm with two-position adjustable shock make up the suspension, with front and rear drum brakes rounding out the spec sheet.

The classic looks of the Symba can be accessorized with practical-looking additions – a front fender basket complementing a larger chrome rack available in the rear. Standard configuration comes with a separate passenger seat, although a large bench seat is available too.

The Symba sorts a suggested retail price of $2,598.

Not much else is available from SYM except a promise that the first imported batch is on a boat somewhere between Taiwan and the US. For more information on the new Symba, check out and also take a look at the SYM Symba video introduction.

SYM Symba
The Symba will come with optional luggage accessories, like a large chrome rack and front basket.

SYM Symba Spec Sheet
Engine: Air-cooled 4-stroke Single
Displacement: 101.4cc
Top Speed: 56 mph
Transmission: 4-speed
Fueling: Carburetor
Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension: Swingarm, with adjustable shock
Front Brake: 130mm drum
Rear Brake: 110mm drum
Tires: 17 x 2.5 front/rear
Seat Height: 29.9 inches
Fuel Tank: 1.08 gallon
MSRP: $2,598

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