Vespa and Continental Airlines Team Up

April 29, 2009
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Anyone who cares about a carbon footprint knows that travel by kerosene-guzzling jumbo jet isn’t exactly green. For one day, however, Continental Airlines upped its green karma by teaming with Vespa scooters for an April 24th scooter education day.

Vespa Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines launched a ‘scooter commuter’ program in conjunction with Vespa at its Newark Liberty International Airport hub on Friday, April 24.

Located at the Continental Airlines hub of the Newark Liberty International Airport, 3000 Continental employees sampled the Vespa wares. On top of the environmental benefits of a smaller, fuel-efficient ride to work, employees learned of Vespa claims of “nickel-a-mile operating costs.” The employees were also encouraged to pick up scooters to help reduce the Tri-State region’s nasty traffic congestion, which in turn reduces overall fuel consumption from less vehicles stuck idling in gridlock.

“As we saw in London following that city’s introduction of a congestion pricing model in 2003, more scooters on the road actually decreased traffic delay times,” said Paolo Timoni, president and CEO, Piaggio Group Americas, Inc in a recent press release. “Through this partnership, Continental is leading the way in good personal transportation citizenship, for its employees, for the region and for the environment.”

Vespa Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines employees showed up to sample Vespa and Piaggio scooter models like the three-wheeled MP3.

Incentives for Continental employee purchases include: scooter-only parking in Continental parking lots, employee-only discounts for Vespa and Piaggio scooters and the opportunity to win one of six free Vespa LX 150 scooters in monthly drawings.

“At Continental we’re constantly exploring progressive new ways to cut both carbons and cost,” said Jon Roitman, vice president, Newark Liberty hub, Continental Airlines. “When we can offer our entire team easy-to-use new tools for reducing pollution and congestion while helping them save thousands of dollars per year, it’s a big win for everyone.”