Gateway NHRA Motorcycle Drag Racing Results

May 4, 2009
Chris McNeil
The final elimination of the Midwest Nationals NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle drag races at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois pitted last round’s winner Ed Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines) against Houston title-winner Craig Treble (Team Scream Suzuki). Krawiec was first off the line with a near perfect reaction time of 0.009. The Harley-Davidson V-Rod led the entire run to post 6.947 ET to a 6.953.

Ed Krawiec
Ed Krawiec takes his second consecutive win with his Harley-Davidson V-Rod in NHRA Motorcycle Drag Racing.

“I had a lot of people tell me that once you get the first win, they will come easy,” said Krawiec, who won the 2008 NHRA Full Throttle Pro Stock Motorcycle championship despite not having a single event victory. With two consecutive wins the New Jersey rider has a boost of riding confidence.

“I’ve got a good motorcycle, the team is making great tuning calls and I know I can win. Craig Treble is a respected veteran of this class, and to beat him you’ve got to really be on your game, so that makes this win extra-special.”

Krawiec started the Sunday eliminations with wins over first-time qualifying Buell rider Bailey Whitaker and his teammate Shawn Gann. In the semi-finals Krawiec had a perfect reaction time against NitroFish Buell rider Angie McBride, clocking 6.955 to 6.973. He then went on to battle and win 13-time tour winner Craig Treble of Team Scream Suzuki.

After four of 17 Rounds in the 2009 NHRA Full Throttle Pro Stock Motorcycle schedule Krawiec takies over first place in the standings from with 341 points, while Matt Smith drops to second with 325 points after losing  to Treble in the second round. Hines is third with 308 points, followed by Horne with 291.

The next event on the 2009 NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle schedule is the United Association Route 66 NHRA Nationals, June 4-7 at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Ill.

Round             Win/Loss     Driver                                                                                 R-Time         E-Time         Speed

Final                    (W)             Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines)     0.009             6.947          189.39 
                              (L)             Craig Treble (Team Scream Suzuki)                            0.020             6.953          194.21

Elimination 3      (W)            Craig Treble (Team Scream Suzuki)                           0.022             6.966           193.10 
                               (L)             Douglas Horne (Horne Racing Buell)                         0.021             7.030          184.90

                              (W)             Craig Treble (Team Scream Suzuki)                          0.022              6.966           193.10 
                               (L)             Douglas Horne (Horne Racing Buell)                         0.021             7.030           184.90

Elimination 2       (W)            Craig Treble (Team Scream Suzuki)                           0.011              7.029         190.73 
                                (L)             Matt Smith (Nitrofish Suzuki)                                         0.075              6.992         189.63 

                                (W)             Angie McBride (NitroFish/MSR/Redline Oil)             0.033              6.958         187.34 
                                (L)              Hector Arana (Lucas Oil Buell)                                    0.065(R)        6.967         189.98

                                (W)             Douglas Horne (Horne Racing Buell)                       0.002               7.052        184.27 
                                (L)              Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines)   0.007(R)          6.908        189.98 

                               (W)              Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hine)     0.015              6.900         192.63 
                                (L)              Shawn Gann (Rum Bum Racing Buell)                     0.042              6.974         187.68

Elimination 1        (W)             Douglas Horne (Horne Racing Buell)                         0.007             7.010         187.47 
                                 (L)             Karen Stoffer (Geico Suzuki)                                          0.016(R)       6.968         191.95 

                                (W)             Shawn Gann (Rum Bum Racing Buell)                      0.040             6.988         186.36 
                                (L)              Michael Phillips (MPR & Damn Sport Suzuki)            0.010(R)        7.082        190.97 

                                (W)             Craig Treble (Team Scream Suzuki)                           0.021              6.948        192.93 
                                 (L)             Junior Pippin (Stone Mtn & Granite Mtn HD)               0.064              7.021        186.33 

                                (W)             Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hine)        0.025             6.911        191.57 
                                 (L)             Bailey Whitaker (Rum Bum Buell)                                  0.030            7.141        183.57 

                                (W)             Hector Arana (Lucas Oil Buell)                                       0.116             6.934        191.57 
                                (L)              Joe DeSantis (Javelina H-D & Green H-D)                  0.011(R)        7.087       188.52 

                                (W)             Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines)      0.028               6.913       192.74 
                                (L)              David Hope (VRoom Racing Buell)                               9.999(R)     NT-Broke Before Staging 

                                (W)             Angie McBride (NitroFish/MSR/Redline Oil)                 0.021              7.001       186.20
                                (L)               Matt Guidera (Rocklin Motorsports Buell)                     0.107              7.039      188.75

                                (W)             Matt Smith (Nitrofish Suzuki)                                             0.021             6.969      1 92.99 
                                 (L)             Steve Johnson (Steve Johnson Racing Wyotech)        0.050             7.012       188.60

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