XTRM AMA Supermoto Sonoma Results

May 19, 2009
Courtesy of Build Momentum

Mark Burkhart
“This weekend was great. Everything has come together perfectly with the team and my sponsors. It feels awesome to win again.” – Mark Burkhart

Mark Burkhart, the 2008 Moto X World Supermoto Champion, 2007 X-Games Supermoto Gold winner, and 2007 AMA Supermoto Champion won his first race on his Monster Energy Burkhart Racing KTM at Infineon Raceway located in Sonoma, California on Sunday, March 17, 2009.

Burkhart dominated the field with lap time’s eight tenths of a second better than the competition. He started the race in third place and quickly moved into the lead where he began to build a gap on second place. Three laps from the finish, a rock in one of the turns in the dirt section caused him to fall. He quickly remounted the bike and finished the race without any other problems.

The HMC Racing prepared KTM ran flawlessly. The additional time testing on the bike and getting comfortable with the new KTM made all the difference for Burkhart at his second race. He was very comfortable on the bike and looked smooth.

The victory helps heal the wounds from last season where Burkhart lost the championship when bike malfunctions cost him critical points at the last round of the season.

“This weekend was great. Everything has come together perfectly with the team and my sponsors. It feels awesome to win again. Mitch Hansen is a pleasure to work with and he knows how to make the bikes run perfectly. All my sponsors have contributed heavily to the program, so this win is really a team effort. I have the support I needed to put together a winning effort and I can’t thank them enough,” commented Burkhart.

The next race for Monster Energy Burkhart Racing KTM Team is May 31, 2009 at South Point Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

XTRM AMA Supermoto Sonoma Results:

AMA Supermoto Premier Class:

1. Mark Burkhart
2. Bidart Sylvain
3. Jeff Ward
4. Jason Conlon
5. Brandon Currie
6. Derek Costella
7. Micky Dymond 
8. Ola Eifrem Sapulpa 
9. Travis C Marks
10. Tyler Ohara
11. Brandon Case
12. Chris Podergois
13. David Dymond
14. Nathan Garcia
15. Cristian Olguin
16. Kiyoshi Saai
17. Ryan Kerr
18. Evan Cox
19. Lance Garza
20. Joey Hrenko
21. Cameron Welsh
22. Jeremy Kendall – DNS

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