Yoshimura GSX-R Racing Parts Now Available

May 12, 2009
Courtesy of Yoshimura
Suzuki makes great bikes, but Yoshimura knows how to make them win. Now, Yoshimura is offering their road racing “engine, chassis and electrical kit parts” available to the public. These highly customized performance parts are what set Team Yoshimura Suzuki bikes apart from all others and have virtually set every record in American Superbike racing over the last 55 years.

Yoshimura’s GSX-R Racing Engine Kit Parts are at the core of how to improve lap times. They include a variety of parts, ranging from aggressive race-proven close ratio transmission gear sets to race-ready camshafts ground from billet cam blanks.

                    Short Harness                                          Clutch Plate Set                                                    Cams
Yoshimura Short Harness
Yoshimura Clutch Plate SetYoshimura CamsYoshimura EMProYoshimura Fork Tube CapYoshimura Swing Arm Pivot
                        EM Pro                                                        Fork Tube Cap                                            Swing Arm Pivot

Next, Yoshimura Kit Chassis Parts will help you get this new-found power to the ground. Conserving tires, late braking in control, finding traction mid-corner, driving hard from apex to corner exit… all of these elements translate into winning lap times. Our line of chassis components allow for more adjustability, consistency, and overall performance capabilities. Chassis parts include Rear Height Adjuster Sets, Rear Kit Showa Shocks and Rear Shock Springs.

Finally, Yoshimura now offers engine management systems that were once only available to a handful of Factory teams. These systems are designed by Yoshimura Japan and feature the latest EMS (Engine Management System) capabilities. Included in this are the EM Pro, an Inner Rotor Generator and a specially tooled Magneto Cover.

Please visit Yoshimura’s special GSX-R Racing Kit Part webpage at www.yoshimura-rd.com/t-kit_index.aspx. Most of these items must be special ordered, please call for pricing and availability at (800) 634 9166.