2009 Isle of Man Supersport TT 2 Results

June 10, 2009
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Yamaha rider Michael Dunlop returned a legendary name to the top of the Isle of Man TT rostrum with a victory in the second Relentless Supersport TT. Dunlop motored to an uncontested win, a full half-minute ahead of Suzuki’s Bruce Anstey in second and Kawasaki’s Conor Cummins in third.

Michael Dunlop  son of Robert and nephew of Joey  returned the famed Dunlop name to the top of the Isle of Man TT rostrum.
Michael Dunlop, son of Robert and nephew of Joey, returned the famed Dunlop name to the top of the Isle of Man TT rostrum.

Dunlop is best known as the son of Robert Dunlop and nephew of Joey Dunlop (the winningest TT rider of all time), both of whom perished in street racing accidents. But the 21-year-old inked his own name in the TT annals with his first career Isle of Man victory.

Dunlop scored the win after a string a disappointing DNFs had ruined his earlier racing attempts this week. And while securing a win for the Dunlop dynasty is by far the headline, Yamaha will be grateful to see Dunlop break the streak of Honda dominance in the 2009 TT races.

The Wednesday race was delayed, due to rain. Once riders took to the wet course, Michael Dunlop struck a sizable lead and did not relinquish it until the checkers. Cummins and Anstey diced for second, before the Suzuki rider took the position on Lap 4.

Notable DNFs on the blustery day include Hydrex Honda’s Guy Martin, who pitted on the third lap, as well as Dunlop’s own brother, William, who retired from the race after the first lap.

1. Michael Dunlop (Yamaha) – 1’14”34.80
2. Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) – 1’15”05.81
3. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) – 1’15”06.52

Bruce Anstey - 2009 Isle of Man Supersport TT 2Steve Plater - 2009 Isle of Man Supersport TT 2
(left) Bruce Anstey took second for Suzuki after a disappointing DNF
in the Isle of Man Supersport Race 1; (right) Steve Plater took
his second fourth-place in Race 2 to be the top Honda finisher.

4. Steve Plater (Honda) – 1’15”11.20
5. Ian Hutchinson (Honda) – 1’15”50.67
6. Ian Lougher (Yamaha) – 1’15”58.53
7. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) – 1’17”01.68
8. Mark Buckley (Yamaha) – 1’17”15.27
9. Carl Rennie (Suzuki) – 1’17”48.06
10. Gary Johnson (Honda) – 1’17”49.65
11. John McGuinness (Honda) – 1’18”01.47
12. Roy Richardson (Yamaha) – 1’18”04.55
13. Michael Rutter (Yamaha) – 1’18”07.27
14. Chris Palmer (Suzuki) – 1’18”22.00
15. Derek Brien (Yamaha) – 1’18”28.91
16. Andrew Neill (Yamaha) – 1’18”47.28
17. James Hillier ( Kawasaki) – 1’18”54.41
18. Russell Mountford (Yamaha) – 1’19”04.28
19. Davy Morgan (Yamaha) – 1’19”13.81
20. John Burrows (Yamaha) – 1’19”19.66
35. Tom Montano (Honda) – 1’22”06.64

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