Brass Balls Bobbers Releases 2010 Model 1S

June 29, 2009
Courtesy of Biker
Brass Balls Bobbers softail-style Model 1S Digger Bobber
Brass Balls Bobbers introduces the 2010 Model 1S softail-style Digger Bobber, based on the company’s popular Model 1.

Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers, just released its latest creation based off their most successful Model 1 platform: The 2010 Model 1S Softail-style Digger Bobber. It’s built off the same concept of the Model 1 with the additional comfort of a hidden rear suspension.

“The Brass Balls’ Model 1S is the very essence of our bikes,” explained Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls Choppers’ Bossman. “Built for an adrenaline rush, the Model 1S delivers outstanding performance in a Hot Rod inspired-package that accelerates, turns and stops at elapse times that rival muscle cars.”

The hidden rear suspension delivers the hardtail look in a softail-style package. Combined with the suspended seat, riders will enjoy miles of compliant suspension that soaks up the bumps and dips in the road.

Just like Henry Ford created the Model T, Dar Holdsworth has created the Model 1S, a 2010 essential bobber that retails at an industry leading $16,995 and comes with everything you need and nothing that you don’t. The value priced Model 1S comes in midnight black with wrinkle black tins, antique brass tank badge and wrinkle black or black chrome frame.

Wrinkle black is the new 2010 black for the chopper jockey trend setters.

The place that the Model 1S concept diverges from Henry’s Model T is in the performance arena. The new motorbike didn’t scrimp on premium components like a Harley-Davidson 80″ EVO, NASCAR supplier Wilwood Brakes, Tauer machine belt drive, D&D Performance Enterprises’ exhaust, Metzeler tires, Baker Transmission and Excel controls.

The sano motorcycle is stripped of excess components and delivers a comfortable and aggressive ride.

Call 405-270-0995 for Your Model 1S.

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