Jessica Patterson Motocross Interview

June 5, 2009
Farrah Bauer’s Farrah Bauer sat down for a chat with four-time Women’s Motocross National champion Jessica Patterson to discuss the evolving Women’s class and the prospect of another series title.

Jessica Patterson - AMA Womens Motocross  Hangtown
Jessica Patterson claimed her first win of the 2009 Women’s Motocross season in the second moto at Hangtown.  

Farrah Bauer – What is your opinion on the new WMA Saturday racing format?

Jessica Patterson
– I think it is awesome for the WMA, we are getting the exposure we need and the tracks are amazing. It’s really nice to be racing and riding on the same track and day as the Men. It gets a little tight to run that many things all on one day, but I know MX Sports does the best they can to make it a good show for the fans. 

Can you describe a little of how Ryan Hughes is training you? What specifically are you focusing on? 

When I first came to Ryno which was in January, we had to work on EVERYTHING. He told me that he was surprised I could even ride a motorcycle with the way I did things. (Jessica Laughs) It was a little harsh, but now I think it’s true because he has changed so much in me with the way I ride, eat, live, breathe, I’m stronger now. We work hard and I have been able to tell a big change on the motorcycle and it’s paying off. 

 What’s the biggest change you’ve made to your riding style this year?

Jamie Patterson - AMA Womens Motocross  Hangtown
Jessica Patterson won the WMA Women’s National motocross championship four consequetive times from 2004 through 2007.

Everything that Ryno has taught me has been a big change in the way I ride. I feel like I can handle the bike better and be more aggressive. I ride more forward, feet in the right place and more loose on the bike.

What is your strategy for defeating Ashley Fiolek?

I knew from the beginning that she would be hard to beat but so were other riders coming up. I just need to keep focusing on myself and do what I know and I will be able to take that title back.

What do you think of your competition this year? 

I think it’s awesome that we are getting more girls coming up and that are fast to help move the pace and let us grow and become faster as time goes by. It’s going to be a good battle all year with these girls. 

Who are your heroes? 

Mercedes Gonzalez, Ryan Hughes

What are some facts that fans don’t know about you? 

I have two awesome Pugs, Diesel and Ray-Ray but a lot of people know so just incase. I wish I was a rapper because I love rap music and I love playing poker. I don’t like losing but it happens sometimes. (Jessica Laughs)

FB – What are your plans for the future? 

Jessica Patterson and Sherri Cruise - Womens Motocross  Glen Helen Jessica Patterson - AMA Womens Motocross  Hangtown
(top) Patterson battling Sherri Cruse at Glen Helen. (bottom) Patterson took second among the women at Hangtown. 

Later down the road I will hold schools, Ryno and I have talked about doing something together. I also might want to own a small business but not sure which one yet, I have a few in mind. I will find where I want to live and build a house there. I also might want to get involved with MX Sports and help with the WMA, I really want to see it grow big. 

Taking a step out of racing – How’s life in general?

I couldn’t ask for more. I have accomplished a lot in my life and I am very thankful for what I have done, what I have and the people I’ve met along the way. I have an awesome family and boyfriend that are very supportive of me in whatever I do, even if I don’t want to race anymore. Everyone has been there through thick and thin but it seems to all work out for a reason so I couldn’t be more happy.

Any closing thoughts?

Yeah I just want to thank my fans and even fans of just the WMA, without them we wouldn’t be moving up like we are with respect. Also, thank all of my sponsors that have stuck behind me for so long on this roller coaster. I really think this is going to be a great year for the whole WMA and I can’t wait to see the future of it and hopefully be apart of it later in life.