Red Bull X-Fighters Texas Results

June 29, 2009
Courtesy of Red Bull X-Fighters
Nate Adams - 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters  Texas
American Nate Adams flew to a win at his home venue in the third round of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Texas. 

American rider Nate Adams claimed victory at the third stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2009 in Fort Worth (Texas, USA) on Saturday night. In the Lone Star State 22,000 fans witnessed an FMX sensation as Cameron Sinclair (AUS) landed two double backflips in competition and rode off with third place.

BIG, BIGGER, TEXAS! It was a night of intense action on the 4,200 m³ of dirt that made up the huge course comprising 15 different kickers catapulting the riders 15 metres into the air and 40 metres across the arena. At the start of the event the crowd fell silent as Thomas Pagès (FRA) became the first man to attempt a frontflip in competition before losing control of his bike and hitting the ground hard. The Frenchman had to be taken off to have a hip injury examined by the medical team.

Mat Rebeaud - 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters  Texas
Mat Rebeaud faced Adams in the Final.

While stifling 41-degree heat in Texas got the European riders in particular somewhat hot under the collar, Australian Cameron Sinclair managed to keep cool. The 24-year-old from Melbourne landed two double backflips in the main event. “There has never been a double backflip in competition before. I don’t really care about the fact I was eliminated in the semis – I’m just happy I’m more or less healthy!” The man from Down Under had to be helped off his bike after both tricks as the hard landing from a height of 10 metres had resulted in serious bruising of the Australian’s bones.

Mat Rebeaud (SUI) benefitted from Sinclair’s injury and advanced to the Final where he came up against the man who was ultimately to win the event, Nate Adams, after he had defeated Japanese rider Eigo Sato in his semi-final.

Robbie Maddison - 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters  Texas
Robbie Maddison played doctor and popped his dislocated shoulder back-in to finished fifth.  

Winner of the last Tour stop in Calgary, Robbie Maddison, showed that Texas is a place for real men. The Australian dislocated a shoulder after landing heavily before then popping it back in himself. “I couldn’t stop. The fans were just phenomenal and I really wanted to show one more trick,” explained the holder of several world records as he finished fifth on the night.

Winner Nate Adams underlined the status of the event: “Red Bull X-Fighters is the very top of FMX. There is nothing like winning against such world-class athletes.”

Eigo Sato now leads the overall standing of the international FMX tour with 215 points, closely followed by Mat Rebeaud (210 points) and Robbie Maddison (145 points). Despite their strong position in the table, both Sato and Rebeaud are still without a win in the 2009 season.

Since the first ever World Tour in 2007 the Red Bull X-Fighters have been kicking up a storm with spectacular tricks in the bullfighting arenas of Mexico City (MEX) and Madrid (ESP) or in the legendary Sambodromo in Rio de Janeiro (BRA). The World Tour 2009 continues in Madrid (ESP/16/17 July 2009) before the season finale in London (GBR/22 August  2009).

Nate Adams - 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters  Texas
Nate Adams keeps the Texan longhorns in American hands.

Red Bull X-Fighters Texas Results:
1. Nate Adams (USA) 100 points
2. Mat Rebeaud (SUI) 80 points
3. Cameron Sinclair (AUS) 65 points
4. Eigo Sato (JPN) 55 points
5. Robbie Maddison (AUS) 45 points
6. Jeremy Stenberg (USA) 35 points
7. Dany Torres (SPA) 30 points
8. Adam Jones (USA) 25 points
9. Andre Villa (NOR) 20 points
10. Thomas Pages (FRA) 15 points
11. Jeff Kargola (USA) 10 points