Rt. 66 NHRA Motorcycle Drag Racing Results

June 9, 2009
Courtesy of Harley-Davidson
Screamin’ Eagle®/Vance & Hines rider Eddie Krawiec added to his points lead in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle division by racing a Harley-Davidson V-Rod® to the final round of eliminations at the United Association Route 66 NHRA Nationals in Joliet, Ill. Krawiec, the defending Pro Stock Motorcycle champion, lost to Rocklin Motorsports Buell rider Matt Guidera in the final round.

Eddie Krawiec in the Joliet Semifinals.
NHRA drag racing between Eddie Krawiec and fellow teammate Andrew Hines at the Route 66 Nationals.

Screamin’ Eagle/Vance and Hines rider Andrew Hines, who lost to Krawiec in the semi-final round, moved into second place in the points standings. The Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines team was making its first race appearance since the NHRA rules added 20 pounds to the team’s Screamin’ Eagle V-Rod motorcycles, boosting minimum weight to 640 pounds, compared to 620 pounds for Buell and 595 for Suzuki motorcycles.

“We did not test at the new weight before this weekend, so our first goal was just to qualify,” said Krawiec. “Our 60-foot times were actually pretty good, but after that you can feel the weight. I think with the extra 20-pounds added, these are mid-pack motorcycles right now. But we were consistent and caught a few breaks today and made the best of the situation.”

Hines qualified fifth for the event with a run of 6.989 seconds. Krawiec qualified ninth at 7.011. Horne Racing Buell rider Doug Horne was the quickest qualifier with a 6.936 pass.

Krawiec defeated Vroom Racing Buell rider David Hope in the first round, and beat Horne’s 7.168-second run with a 7.094 pass in round two. Hines beat Suzuki rider Joe DeSantis in round one, and got a win in round two when NitroFish Suzuki rider Matt Smith left the line early. Krawiec and Hines faced off in the semi-final round, with Krawiec pulling away for the win with a 7.143 pass to 7.193 for Hines. Guidera defeated Krawiec, 7.096 to 7.189, in the final round. It was Krawiec’s third consecutive visit to the final round. He was this winner at the past two events.

Hines felt the team worked hard to tally the points it did in Chicago.

“We tried a lot of different things today,” said Hines. “I was really happy with a 7.08 in the first round, and then Matt Smith handed me a break in round two. But we are going to have to find some more power to overcome the added weight, and then work on the transmission to handle it. Together we made 15 runs this weekend, and that gives us some good data to use in working on a set-up for the next race.”

After five events on the 17-race 2009 NHRA Full Throttle Pro Stock Motorcycle schedule, Krawiec leads the series with 433 points. Hines moves into second place with 382 points, dropping Smith to third with 380 points. Horne is fourth with 349 points.

The next event on the 2009 NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle schedule is the United Association NHRA SuperNationals, June 11-14, at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, N.J.

Round                Win/Loss        Driver                                                                    R-Time            E-Time            Speed

Final Round            (W)             Matt Guidera (Rocklin Motorsports Buell)     0.060                 7.096             181.79 
                                   (L)              Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance)      0.078                 7.189             179.66

Round 3                   (W)             Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance)      0.023                 7.143             182.62 
                                   (L)              Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance)       0.029                 7.194             181.45 

                                   (W)             Matt Guidera (Rocklin Motorsports Buell)     0.024                 7.060             185.38 
                                    (L)             Steve Johnson (Steve Johnson Racing)       0.012                 7.308             182.82

Round 2                   (W)             Steve Johnson (Steve Johnson Racing)       0.066                 7.251             183.87 
                                    (L)             Katie Sullivan (Susuki)                                      0.014                 7.606             163.49 

                                   (W)             Matt Guidera (Rocklin Motorsports Buell)     0.025                  6.997             184.80 
                                    (L)             Michael Phillips (MPR & Damn Sport)           0.004                  7.366             152.07 

                                   (W)             Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance)      0.015                  7.094              183.44 
                                    (L)             Douglas Horne (Horne Racing Buell)           0.045                  7.168              178.45 

                                   (W)             Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance)       0.001                 7.158               180.65 
                                    (L)             Matt Smith (Nitrofish Suzuki)                            -0.044(R)          7.167               176.97

Round 1                    (W)            Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance)      0.055                  7.110               182.40 
                                    (L)             David Hope (VRoom Racing Buell)                0.042                 7.314               162.47 

                                    (W)            Matt Guidera (Rocklin Motorsports Buell)     0.021                 7.025                184.04 
                                    (L)             Craig Treble (Team Scream Suzuki)             0.021                  7.098                184.30 

                                    (W)            Steve Johnson (Steve Johnson Racing)       0.035                 7.085               186.07 
                                    (L)             Shawn Gann (Rum Bum Racing Buell)         0.026                 7.121               183.92 

                                    (W)             Katie Sullivan (Susuki)                                     -0.020               7.505                142.39 
                                    (L)              Karen Stoffer (Geico Suzuki)                           -0.023(R)          7.051                183.84 

                                    (W)             Michael Phillips (MPR & Damn Sport)           0.023                7.089                188.04 
                                     (L)             Hector Arana (Lucas Oil Buell)                       -0.014(R)          7.069                185.72 

                                    (W)             Douglas Horne (Horne Racing Buell)            0.040                7.049               183.10 
                                    (L)             Wesley Wells (Kendall Suzuki)                          0.019               7.140                187.44 

                                    (W)            Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance)        0.060                 7.080               182.48 
                                     (L)             Joe DeSantis (Suzuki)                                       0.042                 7.184               183.15 

                                    (W)            Matt Smith (Nitrofish Suzuki)                             0.050                 7.010               183.82 
                                    (L)             Mike Berry (MB Machining/ LAT Racing Oil)   -0.021(R)           7.253               178.40

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