TCX Airtech XCR Boot Review

Bart Madson | June 4, 2009
Riding a motorcycle you want two things from a boot, comfort and protection. We enjoy both with the TCX Airtech XCR Boot. A manufacturer of high-end off-road and roadracing boots, the Italian firm TCX delivers touring comfort with its street bike/touring Airtech design.

TCX Airtech Boots
The TCX Airtech Boot offers lightweight comfort and waterproof protection for motorcycle touring and regular street riding.

Read the Airtech PR and credit for the plush fit on these motorcycle boots go to the CFS (comfort fit system), which shapes the boot “on a mould that reproduces the anatomy of a human foot.” Huh, I assumed all footwear was shaped to fit the anatomy of a human foot… Regardless of the how, the Airtechs do fit extremely well and require virtually no break in. Aiding the comfort factor is how light the leather/textile design feels, not to mention the easy-to-use side zipper and Velcro fasteners ensure no pressure from binding straps or latches.

The Gore-Tex inner liner sources XCR (extended comfort range) technology, another PR acronym that flies over our head. The claim for the new Gore-Tex version is “a 25% increase in breathability.” We don’t pretend to understand how the wondrous liner works, but what we can say for certain is the Airtechs proved waterproof during a couple wet rides, yet remained breathable, even in warm conditions.

And while the GORE-TEX barrier protects from the elements, a reinforced heel and shin plate aid in abrasion and impacts. The exterior is made up of textile material, with leather uppers. The obligatory, for a motorcycle boot, shift pads are present and overall the exterior construction continues with the lightweight theme. Impact protection for the top of the foot from the thin textile material is minimal, although the malleable textile material aids in the comfort factor and we were able to walk long distances in the Airtechs straight out of the box.

As for the sole, it provides excellent grip in the wet – TCX claiming all its touring range, which includes the Airtech, posses a single-density compound sole resistant to oil and hydrocarbons. The inner foam liner is not overly soft and said to suck up vibrations. We haven’t noticed a lot of vibes one way or another while sporting the TCX boots, but we can definitely vouch for the inner liner’s comfort.

Highs & Lows
  • Lightweight materials 
  • Comfortable fit, easy break in 
  • Waterproof yet breathable
  • High price
  • Minimal protection for top of foot

The TCX Airtech boots are admittedly on the spendy side with a $250 MSRP. Then again, high-quality footwear is often worth the high pricetag, which is long forgotten after years of service. We did notice a couple frayed stitches in the leather areas, so we’d like to put a full season of wear and tear on the Airtechs to see how they hold up, but overall the initial durability seems to ensure a quality boot for many riding seasons.

TCX Airtech XCR Boot
MSRP: $249.99


Bart Madson

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